February 27, 2024

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Join the Battle Cry for Women at Work with Randi Braun’s New Playbook for Success – Something Major

In the fight for gender equality in the workplace, women have been shouting their battle cry for decades. From equal pay to boardroom representation, women have been pushing for change and breaking down barriers. In her book, “Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work,” Randi Braun has joined the ranks of women fighting for change, offering a fresh perspective and practical advice to help women succeed in the workplace.  

In this interview, we’ll explore the battle cry for women at work and how Randi Braun is leading the charge with her new playbook for success. 

Q: What is the new battle cry for women at work? 

A: We must do better — but really, we must do better! And we must empower women to thrive in a system that is broken until our society can catch up, because there are too many women in the workplace who have hopes, dreams, and goals that just cannot wait 135 years for the pay gap to close.  

Too often women are doing better work for less pay, and we must stop treating talented, high-performing women like a great find on designer jeans at Loehmann’s. We are not a deal on denim. We’re the future.  

Q: Are we all in this together? How can we uplift one another? 

A: We must support each other and lift each other up — One of the tips I discuss in my chapter on Owning Your Message is practicing “amplification.” There is a famous story in my adopted hometown of Washington, DC, about the early days of the Obama administration.  

A cadre of female aides felt like they were being constantly spoken over by male colleagues in meetings with the president, so they banded together and created a strategy that became known as “amplification.” When one woman shared an idea at the table, the others would repeat it, reinforce it — literally amplify it — to make sure it was heard.  

Q: What should we be celebrating in your opinion?  

A: Okay yes, the data is abysmal — when we look at things like women’s representation in leadership and gender pay equity, but I’m incredibly bullish about where we’re going. Look at the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team — as I write in my book I believe they got their bare minimum and should have gotten a lot more but part of the reason they were able to negotiate their contract for better pay was because the general public was outraged by the pay inequities between the women’s team and their under-performing but better-compensated male counterparts.  

That just didn’t happen 6 or 7 years ago when they first started this crusade — and it’s representative to me, not about where we are today, but where it’s possible we could go in the future. I hope the media will report these stories responsibly and not hyperbolically, so we can keep our eyes on the ball in achieving our shared goals. 

Join in the Battle Cry and Learn More 

The battle cry for women in the workplace is stronger than ever thanks to Randi Braun. Her book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make a difference in their career. With practical advice and inspiring stories, Something Major offers a new approach to success that is empowering, fulfilling, and sustainable.  

By embracing this new playbook, women can break down barriers, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential. So, if you’re looking to make a difference in your career and in the world, be sure to check out Randi Braun’s book and visit her website at https://www.somethingmajorcoaching.com/ to learn more.