June 20, 2024

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Nicholas Soh, Malaysian YouTuber and Content Creator

Nicholas Soh, Malaysian YouTuber and Content Creator

Exclusive Interview With Nicholas Soh, YouTuber and Content Creator

Right now, there are millions of people around the world creating content on various platforms. Whether it is on entertainment, motivation, reviews, entrepreneurship, and more niches, creators are putting their effort to make an impact. On YouTube, few authentic creators are working hard so their audience can get a better experience. 

Enter Nicholas Soh,  Malaysian YouTuber and Content Creator. He believes in providing value and comes with exciting videos on YouTube (NicholassohTV) regularly. Because of that, his popularity is growing on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Today we are thrilled to invite Nicholas Soh to our media. This interview will help our audience to get some insight and motivation towards becoming a content creator. 

1.Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field.

I actually started creating content in 2019 on my YouTube Channel. I started creating content because since last time I’ve always admired all the YouTubers and Content Creators  because of their creativity in making their videos and also how brave they are. Almost everyone including me thinks that creating a 3 minutes short YouTube video is simple and doesn’t require any effort, but in reality after I’ve started creating my first YouTube video, I realised how much time and energy is required to just create a short video because when creating a video, you have to express your emotions and also if you find yourself making some mistakes in the video, you’ll have to refilm that scene again and again until you successfully filmed a perfect scene. 

2.How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

I believe in my field, every content creator have a different personality and style, I personally think that being myself and I mean my true self is the best way to be, I saw many new content creators did a big mistake while starting which is copying another creator’s personality because they think that it’s cool but in reality being yourself in this field is the best way and that’s how I differentiate myself from others. 

3. Can you share with me what is your struggle of being a Content Creator? 

To be honest, being a Content Creator is really tough because you’ll have to find a topic and just create content about it. Other than that, I have many other competitors too and also if you don’t upload new contents frequently, your audience will not be happy about it and you might lose your engagement with your audience. 

Nicholas Soh, YouTuber and Content Creator

4. Do you have anyone to edit or film the video that you’re creating for you? 

Unfortunately, I do not have any editor or anyone to film the video that I’m creating for me, all the contents that I’m creating are all filmed, edited and published by myself, so yeah it’s not an easy task to do but what I can say is, it’s definitely worth the hard work, because after you’ve published your content, you get to see what other people say and comment about your content, that’s really exiting for me personally. 

5. Do you have any tips or advise for the people that wants to be a content creator like you?

For all the people that wants to start creating content no matter in which platform, the important tip is to always be yourself and don’t copy other content creator style just to grow your channel fast because it doesn’t work like that, “Great things takes time” you just have to be patient and be consistent with creating content that you enjoy doing! That’s all the advice I can give for now, Good luck to all the people who wants to be a Content Creator!! Remember you can do it and never give up no matter what.