May 26, 2024

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Employee Appreciation: Showing Your Staff That You Care

The professional world has shifted in favor of the employee with so many people leaving their jobs. A large number of resignations came when companies asked them to return to the office from remote roles. Employee retention is important for a business of any size. Employee turnover can be expensive as it takes time and money to interview, train, and hire new employees. Most professionals will not look for other jobs if they are happy, treated well, and paid adequately for their work. The following are ways to show your staff you care and can potentially improve employee retention. 

Perks Like Free Lunch Matter

Free lunch being provided is something that companies do for a variety of reasons. Keeping the staff in the building is one of these reasons as some people might take longer lunches than they are allotted. Providing lunch once a week is something that the staff can look forward to. Remember that there will always be someone that complains even when it comes to receiving free food. Employee potlucks can be a fun but this does not really show that the company cares about them. 

Remote Job Roles

Caring for employees might take the form of giving them the opportunity to work remotely. The work-life balance that remote professionals have is superior to that of those in traditional job roles. There are just some jobs where it does not make sense to come into the office as the job can easily be done from home. The employee tracking technology available can help hold the staff accountable. With this being said, top performers or loyal employees might think of time tracking tools as micromanaging so implement this for certain employees. 

Celebrating Employee Anniversaries

Employee anniversaries are important milestones with some being more important than others. An employee that has worked relentlessly for over a decade deserves something special. A watch or other piece of jewelry is something that companies have given employees for years. Finding a Raleigh jewelry store might be your best bet as you do not want to give an employee a generic piece for the hard work that they have done. 

Recognize Those That Are Thriving 

Work can be a thankless venture when employed by a business that does not appreciate what you do for them. Weekly recognition can be something that truly highlights what an employee is bringing to the team. This can come in the form of a meeting or an email that is sent to the entire company. Getting feedback from managers of certain departments can allow a shoutout to be done for people in each part of the organization. Bonus programs can be a way to reward work that generates more revenue for the company. Additional earning opportunities for employees can be important if their finance are tight. 

You want your business to have a reputation of treating employees well. Professionals do talk about their employers so the great treatment will get around. This can even impact resumes being sent in at record numbers as everyone wants to feel appreciated.