April 16, 2024

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How To Ensure You Maintain Productivity When Switching To A Remote Work Role

Being switched to a remote role could be one of the most exciting things to happen during your career. Most professionals have had a dream of working from home at one point or another. The freedom that comes with working remotely is something that is extremely positive when it comes to finding a work-life balance. Staying productive might be a challenge if you need someone present to push you to do your work. Finding this motivation can be tough but to retain this privilege you need to stay productive. The following will be tips to help you stay productive after switching to a remote work role. 

Create A Home Office

Most professionals are not going to be able to work in a space that is shared by an entire family. Distractions change in a remote work setting from chatty coworkers to kids, spouses, and pets. You should create a home office that you can work in comfortably. This is actually going to improve your productivity and work-life balance. The less time you spend working, the more that you can spend with your families. 

Block Social Media On Your Phone

Social media is the ultimate distraction for a number of people that spend hours on multiple applications. Blocking these social media apps with another app is possible during work hours. You could find that this is the only step that you have to take in order to become as productive as ever before. If you do work with social media, blocking private accounts is possible if you find the temptation of social media too much. 

Take A Few Short Breaks To Clear Your Head

Taking a few short breaks over the course of the day has actually been shown to help increase productivity. Even though this is counterintuitive, being able to clear your mind can be a very .valuable period of time. Taking your dog for a short walk or even pacing around the house can help. Breaks are always important and make sure you take your full lunch break. Skipping this to get done earlier in the day can impact your productivity negatively. 

Communicate Clearly With Managers And Your Team 

Being out of the office can lead to communication issues if you do not make it a priority. There are so many instant messaging platforms that can be a huge help with this. Project management software can help consolidate all communication that can be hidden from clients with platforms like TeamWork. This can also help keep projects on time to hit deadlines. You need to make sure that all team members on a specific project can see all internal communication. 

Taking time for yourself daily can seem difficult if working in a common space. Hearing an email notification might make you think something important is happening. Most emails from bosses after work hours can wait until the next morning unless you are on-call. You want to be able to rejuvenate mentally after each day of work.