July 24, 2024

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The advantages of PKI for a business

The Advantages Of PKI For A Business

Nowadays, people see it as a big achievement and dream to have their own business. It gives them a lot of possibilities. They can plan and organize their own time and management. They can grow and be more independent compared to having a 9 to 5 job. They can earn more money, expand the company, reach financial independence and spend more time doing what they love. People who don’t run a business often just see the outside work and not all the aspects which have to be taken care of. We mostly see the product, the service, and the last steps of the management. There is much more to consider. We have to manage all the staff, all the storage, we have to develop quality management and assurance, MRO, and much more. We have to find a way how to store and manage data and reports. What kind of software do we use to monitor our inventory.

These are just some aspects which we have to manage and find a solution for. There might be a system that can be applied to most businesses but the details have to be customized for the business conditions.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a whole package of programs, requirements, and software that aims to make the process of interaction between two entities safer. It manages public-key encryption and creates, distributes, and renews digital certificate. PKI is facilitating a secure electronic transfer of information by using certification processes to identify and verify. This is mostly used in e-commerce’s, confidential emails, and online banking where a simple password is not enough as proof of identity.

How does that help your business?

Let´s take e-commerce as an example. You run a website which is selling products of any kind. People are interested in buying your product but how to start the process safely? How do you know this is no scam? This question is important for both parties. As well the customer as the seller has the interest that the process works safe, proper, and without any problems. Here is where PKI plays an important role. PKI ensures the reliability and integrity of both entities by controlling, checking, and verifying them through a safe process.

This starts at the request of the buyer. The buyer has to create an account, prove his identity. The registration authority validates the request and certificates are issued. This can be for a single-use, multiple-use, or a renewed request.

PKI is an assurance for any interaction between you and your customer. The process is secure and automated which makes it faster as well. It helps you furthermore to safe the customer´s information. So, when they buy from you later again, the process goes smooth and quick without thousand new verifications. That aspect will be a total plus for your long-term customers. By using a PKI, you keep yourself safe from any scams and problems. At the same time, you give your customer the safety and insurance of having a safe process. It proofs the confidentially, Integrity, and Authenticity of your business. Applying PKI is a step that makes your business more trustworthy and brings it to a new level of professionality which is important for your future growth.