June 21, 2024

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Aside from the gazillion ideas going off in your head about your first or next unique digital product, there are some strategic steps you can take to make sure your creative energy flows in the best direction. Read on for some tips:

  1. Prepare to begin with an outline of the digital product you are about to create. Is it an e-Book, video training, a checklist, audio training, a workbook, etc.? Write down all your main bullet points and then break each down into doable steps. Also, write down what you would like this digital product to achieve for your clients and customers. Keep this in mind while creating the goal and the point of the work. Also, is it going to be a free, low-priced, or high-priced product? Have a tentative timeline that you wish it to be complete.

  2. Validate your digital product idea! Create a survey and send it to your email list, your online social media tribe, and your networking arenas. Once validated, make any tweaks that are suggested and that you want to incorporate and begin taking your original outline a step further with the creation of your digital product. You don’t need to worry about the design structure at this time unless your digital product includes a video. If not, just focus on the content for the moment.

  3. Once the first draft of your digital product is done, show it to a few people for their opinions and tweak if you wish. Or simply prepare to have it professionally edited to make sure your grammar, spelling, and sentence structure is correct. If your product is audio or video, it should be edited for any background noise or other distracting things, such as an off-centered view, static, etc.

  4. Now it’s time to think about your pricing a bit deeper than the first pricing you thought of at the beginning of this article. One way to help figure this out is to ask yourself a few questions. Is this your first product? Are you using this product to capture leads for your email list, in which case, this may be a free product. Did you create this product as a kick-off of your brand? You may also want to look at what similar products in your field are selling for, and so on.

There are quite a few wins for creating a digital product. One of the most prized successes is that the person who purchases the product can have it in minutes. Another cool thing with digital products is that you have the world as your oyster. Digital products can be bought and delivered in minutes online, and so the complexity is almost non-existent, and the reward is immediate.

Once your digital product is up on the worldwide web, the opportunities are endless. When your work is complete and goes online, it can be there as long as you wish. You can add-on to and tweak your product and update it with ease, without any downtime.

Also, remember, creating a digital product is not only for online businesses. For example, a clothing store can have an informative downloadable e-Book, discussing all the great ways to

accessorize outfits, etc. The goal of an offline business creating digital products is the attention it brings to their stores and services and the ability to grow an email list that will help them connect with potential clients. This is one of the best tools for online businesses, as well. Email list building is key to most any business today.  

Now that you are in the “Let’s Get Creative” mode put on your thinking cap and write on!


 Author: Lori Grace Snyder, CPC, ELI-MP 

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