May 19, 2024

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Healthy Bones

3 Effective Vitamins for Healthy Bones

People always work continuously for maintaining their overall health. They pay attention only to physical and mental health. However, the health of the bones does not get the attention of people until people start experiencing bone problems or other conditions due to these problems.

It is fact that without bone health it would not be possible to bring an improvement in overall health. Many people who don’t take care of their bones in early life experience bone problems in the later stage of life. Therefore, according to the orthopedic specialist in Islamabad, taking measures for maintaining bone health in early life is a must.

Many important body functions are dependent on the bones. The bones are responsible for giving the body shape as well as producing red blood cells. The protection of vital body organs also becomes difficult without having healthy and effective bones. In addition, there is also a storing of some minerals in the bones that the body uses.

Without having healthy bones it will become difficult to move freely and play any game. Some factors such as appetite loss and diet problems can cause bone problems because these factors affect the ability of the body to consume nutrients. Digestive disorders can also make the body unable to consume nutrients for maintaining healthy bones.

If problems tend to begin in consuming nutrients from foods, then taking several supplements for maintaining bone health will be effective.

Vitamins for Healthy Vitamins

These vitamins, for maintaining bone health, will be a good option for many people who can’t consume vitamins through their diet:

1. Calcium

Calcium is among the top healthy minerals for the body. Many people know that the body stores almost 99% of the calcium in the bones and teeth. The presence of this mineral, calcium, makes the bones healthy and stronger. Another 1% percent of calcium is required for many body functions.

Consuming calcium every day is essential because if you don’t get calcium in healthy amounts then the body will start using calcium from the bones. If the body starts taking calcium from your bones or teeth, then they will start losing their health.

Every day, there is a remodeling of the bones because calcium goes in and comes out. In children as well as adolescents, the body tends to start making new bones fast than breaking the old bones. Therefore, the total bone mass increases in an effective way. The making of new bones continues till the age of thirty. After that, the rate of bone formation and bone breakage will be at the same level.

In older people, especially females who are experiencing post-menopause, the breakage rate of bones is faster than in others. Therefore, for preventing fast bone problems the consumption of calcium becomes important. During this era of time, if you are not consuming calcium then the risks of osteoporosis will increase significantly.

Orthopedic surgeons and other medical specialists recommend consuming at least 1000 mg of calcium every day to prevent conditions related to the bones. If there are problems in consuming calcium from natural sources such as yogurt or cheese then supplementation will be necessary.

Nuts, green vegetables, salmon, tofu, etc. will be effective sources of getting calcium in healthy amounts.

2. Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral for improving and maintaining bone health. It is also effective for the overall health of many people. Some natural sources such as dark green vegetables and nuts are the best sources get magnesium in effective amounts.

If calcium levels in the body are healthy, then magnesium and calcium will effectively work together for maintaining strong and healthy bones. An estimation says that the skeletal system stores up to 60% magnesium. Due to its presence in the skeletal system, it contributes to bone health in a number of ways.

If you are, like many other people, a fan of processed foods and eat them a lot, then you will not get magnesium in enough amounts. As mentioned above, beans and nuts are full of this mineral. However, if you are not using these foods regularly to consume magnesium in healthy amounts, then consider supplementation of magnesium.

In addition, if you are consuming caffeine in higher amounts, whether through cigarettes or tea, then you will need to consume magnesium in higher amounts because caffeine depletes its levels.

However, excessive consumption of magnesium can lead to some health conditions such as diarrhea or stomach upset. When you experience these signs, return back to the normal consumption of magnesium.

3. Boron

Boron is among the minerals that work together effectively in maintaining bone health. Boron along with calcium and some other vitamins works to improve bone health.

It also plays a role in preserving bones in and teeth. Therefore, start taking boron every day and enjoy healthy and stronger bones.