October 28, 2021

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The Power of the internet - from business opportunities to platforms of crime

The Power of the internet - from business opportunities to platforms of crime

The Power of the internet – from business opportunities to platforms of crime

People are depending on the internet. Age restrictions can be circumvented easily, which means that everything is accessible somehow. On one side, there are pages that are very harmful to certain groups of people (e.g. children). On the other side, the internet can be used in many ways for research, sales, business, and entertainment. Many people started working from home having an online job. Because of Covid 19, every student studies online in virtual classes from home which helps them to continue their studies. Many businesses can only run their company through e-commerce. This causes many people to order most of their needed things online.

The fast-growing digitalization, the network of information, and applications online have a lot of benefits, optimize processes, businesses and communication. But at the same time, they can cause serious issues for the human being because the addictive and abusive power is growing as well.

How ads influence people

Advertising is one of the first things that people attract toward a website, business, or special offer. These commercials influence individuals a lot. Not only business, but other varieties of ladies’ material also attract certain potential customers’ attention. Many social media platforms help to promote a project and celebrity (like Mati Marroni, Heidi Grey ), websites, and apps that are needed in day-to-day life. Most businesses rely on advertising to attract new customers and average internet users are usually impacted by those advertisements.

The abusive power of social media

Social media is one of the places where we get worldwide information. A huge number of youngsters but also adults are sharing videos about rape, sexual, physical abuse, molestation, online pornography, or mobbing. Because social media can be so anonymous, many people lose their manners and respect and treat others in abusive ways. Even social media like Facebook, Instagram, IMO, Twitter try to reduce and eliminate this kind of content, it is still a big issue all over the network.

Does internet addiction change human behaviors?

Every day we hear the news that many youngsters suffer from depressions. Not only youngsters- we can see the changes in very young children as well. Without a mobile phone, TV, and internet it’s difficult for them to spend their days. Addiction not only increases negative thoughts, but it also creates psychological problems, reduces concentration capability and creativity.

The drawback of having fans/ followers

Everyone likes to make new friends. Talking and sharing are normal for people. It plays a different role in our life on the internet. Many individuals define themselves through the number of followers they have or how many likes they get. Not having this can cause depressions and low self-confidence. The drawback is also that they often share personal information with total strangers who might misuse the data.


Many people are unaware of cybercrime. From business to personal information about bank accounts or other sensible data, criminals try to get them. they collect all the details from the internet with various software and tricks. There are countless scams how people try to convince people to share their private details, pay money to other bank accounts, or log in to unknown websites that offer special loan conditions.

Cybercrimes go from money threats to personal harassment or scams where people change their identity or ghost people emotionally.