April 16, 2024

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She’s a mother. A real estate agent. The founder and CEO of her own business. Bronwyn Leigh Jones can truly do it all – and now, she is taking the time to share some insight into her busy life.

Bronwyn Leigh Jones is a luxury real estate agent in Southern California and also the founder of CORAL, a sustainability consulting firm specializing in luxury real estate, fashion, and more. She aims to incorporate sustainability into all of her endeavors, guiding clients to buy homes that are eco-friendly and luxurious at the same time. “I learned that sustainable and green technologies were the only way the planet would have a chance of truly thriving in the future so I became obsessed with finding the best tech companies in water, power, and building… I’ve been helping those companies launch, raise capital and expand into different countries for the past 10 years,” said Jones on how she first became passionate about sustainability.

Jones was inspired to name her business CORAL because of her home country, Australia. Australia has one of the most divine coral reefs in the world, but it is at risk of dying due to climate change. I believe sustaining Coral is a symbol of protecting our oceans and saving our planet – that’s why I called my company Coral,” said Jones.

CORAL is an extremely unique company, in part due to Jones’ extensive client base, intuition, and knowledge. “I have spent many years cultivating relationships both in the USA and internationally including family offices, private equity… I also seem to have a unique ability to see what technologies and trends will be needed in the future. I have a knack for matching the right deal with the right strategic partner or investor,” said Jones.

Besides CORAL, Jones spends a large portion of her time as a luxury real estate agent in Southern California, selling sustainable homes to some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She decided to branch out into real estate after seeing her friends Jason and Brett from the show “Selling Sunset” doing so well in the business. Jones has leaned on Jason and Brett and the girls on the show for support throughout the whole process, along with her team leader at Compass, Kacey Taormina.


Being a celebrity real estate agent has its benefits – who wouldn’t want to hop a client’s private plane or yacht to go help them buy a property? This is the reality for Jones, who spends a lot of time working with celebrities and pro-athletes. I’m blessed to be in a position to be able to advise a very diverse range of real estate clients and I will always be grateful for these opportunities,” said Jones. With loyalty, trust, and integrity, Jones has attracted an extensive client base that relies on her for every step of the home-buying process. She advises other real estate agents that you be a good listener and find creative solutions to clients’ problems. Further, Jones says that having impeccable etiquette and manners are essential, as well as being on time and prepared for meetings and showings.

Jones’ most important job is not as a real estate agent or business woman, however – first and foremost, she is a mother. “Being a mother has taught me to be more patient, and as a parent you have to also be very consistent with your word, your rules and consistently encouraging. Compassion and authenticity are also values that I believe are important to instil in your family and your kids, and that starts with you,” said Jones. During COVID-19, Jones has spent the year homeschooling her son while juggling work at the same time. She says she knows she is not alone in feeling like a “crazy overworked mom,” but to her, it is all worth it when she gets to snuggle up and read stories to her son at bedtime.

Jones is a strong advocate for women supporting each other, both personally and professionally. “It really does take a village to raise kids as thoughtful, passionate humans and I’m lucky to have a close group of friends who are also single mothers going through the same struggles as I am so we have helped each other raise our kids. I don’t know how I would have done it alone,” said Jones. From real estate to sustainability to motherhood, Jones displays dedication, compassion, and drive in everything she does – she is truly a woman to watch.