June 20, 2024

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The Important Features of the Highest Rated Apps

What makes an app likable? It’s easy to point to the most downloaded apps as models of what should be strived for. Although there’s a big difference between the most popular and most liked. Shein, for example, is one of the biggest shopping apps in the world. Yet due to its use of dishonest deals, an overinflated point system, and other issues it’s not the highest rated. Let’s explore some of the top rated loyalty apps below.

In fact one of the highest rated shopping apps is a grounded alternative to an app like Shein, Etsy. Etsy connects sellers and buyers directly, it has a clean interface, and it doesn’t aim to aggressively manipulate its buyers. These features are all represented in the other top shopping apps like Lululemon, Nike, and Target.

Sam’s Club is another well liked app worth noting due to its more exclusive feature. The Scan and Go part of the app allows shoppers to scan their groceries and pay on their phone. This is an incredibly practical feature which sets it apart from other apps. Exclusive perks like these are vital in developing acclaim in an app.

Chick-fil-a, a food app, also offers exclusive perks and benefits through its point system. Only through using the app can consumers start to earn free food and other deals. This has become popular in the most well liked apps. Domino’s, the top rated app on the Google Play store, has app exclusive coupons to draw in customers

Finally consistency and reliability are vital to app success, and this is seen best in travel apps. Why is Fly Delta the highest rated airline, because the app functions the best. Why are Lyft and Uber so highly rated? They have active updates, consistent drivers, and the app functions well. Sometimes the most important feature is getting people where they want to be or what they want consistently. 

These are just a few of the most important features on popular apps today. These apps are all already massively popular, but they still set themselves apart from the other titans. At the end of the day people are going to use massive shopping apps like Amazon and Temu. They’re going to use massive food delivery apps like DoorDash. The real challenge is convincing consumers to use apps like Etsy and Chick-fil-a. These apps stepped up to that challenge.

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