May 27, 2024

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Reasons The Nurse Coach Collective Recommends Being A Nurse Coach

Have you been dreaming of becoming a nurse health coach? If so, you are in the right place. There is a need to know that to become a successful nurse health coach understanding the duties and not forgetting to meet the necessary educational requirements is crucial. This is no different than any other career you would want to pursue. If anything, you need to work to be the best in the game. Remember, nothing good comes easy. Also, if you want to switch careers and the inclination towards nursing is stronger than ever, consider being a nurse health coach. It is a fast-growing field with endless opportunities. The following are reasons we at the Nurse Coach Collective recommend being a nurse coach.

You Can Be Your Boss

Not everyone enjoys or is content with being in a job where they are under someone. This could be why you are switching careers, which is okay. Fortunately, you can be your boss as long as you build and thrive in your nurse coaching practice. Isn’t it great waking up to a schedule that you curated and is flexible? If anything, you will be living life on your terms, and this smells like success.

It Gives You a Chance to Connect with Your Patients

You connect with your patients more deeply as a nurse coach than as a nurse. This is because, in many instances, we had to put on a face of disposition even when unnecessary. However, as nurse coaches, we can be ourselves, which makes your patients love and be more drawn to you. Having them share their deepest vulnerabilities is not a small feat: it requires building a high level of trust. In these times, it is hard to come by genuine people, and being one will put you high on the scale. As a result, you will retain numerous, if not all, customers, and business will be booming. Also, remember that once your clients start entrusting you with what is going on in their lives, you will never be the same, and neither will they.

You Will Realize How Powerful You Are

It is easy to forget how good you are at your job, and we at the Nurse Coach Collective can attest to this. In addition, you can feel replaceable, especially after getting stuck in the hierarchy of medicine for an extended period. However, if you become a nurse coach, you tap into your power and uniqueness. This will enable you to build your gifts and transform your clients’ lives which is the goal.

You Learn That Nursing Is Rewarding

We at the Nurse Coach Collective are set into this profession because we love helping people at all costs. Sometimes this may mean that we may have to push our clients to take meds we don’t believe in, and seeing them in a rapid decline or state of downfall breaks our hearts. However, we must remind ourselves to challenge them to live wholly, irrespective of the state of their health. The joy that follows when we see them take our advice is unmatched and very rewarding.

Patients Heal Faster and See Lasting Results

We can address the root of a client’s suffering and end it for some years or, better yet, life. Here at the Nurse Coach Collective, we believe in helping our patients find and accept the diagnosis and not the prognosis. This allows them to heal faster and get into a better mental state.

It Reminds You Why You Loved Being a Nurse

Coming from the horse’s mouth, we at the Nurse Coach Collective can tell you without fear of contradiction that sometimes we forget why we are in this profession. This is because the pill-pushing and disease cycle is a never-ending process. People are getting ill daily, which can be disheartening, but calling yourself out of this trance is crucial. That way, you can connect with other people more to help them heal in a lasting inter-developmental way. This will always remind you why you ventured into the nursing profession in the first place.

The above are reasons becoming a nurse coach is brilliant. If anything, it has its advantages and disadvantages which you should consider. Remember to constantly remind yourself why you are in this profession when things are going too fast to keep up with. If your goal is to create your own business after being a certified nurse coach, it will allow you to have a flexible schedule. On the other hand, if you cannot create your own business, you have the option of working in an insurance company and corporations, to mention a few. Your schedule won’t be as flexible as having your own business, but it will be pretty consistent since you will work five days a week. Also, if you are new to nurse coaching, consider researching for more insight.