June 21, 2024

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Linking Customers and Companies with Strong Brand Recognition

Developing a strong brand identity is essential to creating differentiation in today’s competitive business landscape. This identity, which includes a company’s culture, values, and reputation, needs to be consistent across all platforms. Sadly, a lot of businesses lack brand consistency; 90% of them struggle with inconsistent branding. It is essential that it is a focus of improvement, as companies who put a high priority on brand consistency see a revenue increase of at least 10%.

Another area of focus for companies must be curating a personalized experience for their customers, so that loyalty to brand is encouraged. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to unlocking this hyper-personalization strategy. Machine learning-powered AI is able to assess real-time client data, such as browsing and purchasing history, to provide personalized recommendations. Customers are much more likely to interact with these ads and be drawn into the purchasing funnel. 

Major companies such as Cadbury, Spotify, and easyJet demonstrate the effectiveness of hyper-personalization with some incredible sales results. For example, easyJet created a personalized ad campaign based on a customer’s history and had some very high engagement results. 78% of customers reported positive sentiments with the brand, and 7.5% of customers even booked a flight in the following 30 days.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard