April 15, 2024

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Equitable Marketing Review: How Can This Agency Improve Your SEO Rankings?

Your SEO rankings are essential for increasing brand awareness and visibility, driving organic traffic, and higher conversions. But, with the search algorithm constantly changing, you need an agency like Equitable Marketing that is constantly up-to-date with the SEO trends to help you improve your business website rankings. Equitable Marketing uses its expert team of marketers to ensure that your business has all it needs to thrive in the digital world.

Equitable Marketing offers a wide range of services to help improve your SEO rankings. These include;

Search Engine Marketing services

Equitable Marketing uses advanced skills and tools to monitor all your search engine optimization and marketing activities for better impact.

Other services to optimize your SEO strategy include; Social Media Marketing, Customer Lifecycle Management, Ad copy, Marketing Analytics and Optimization, Design and Testing, Conversion Optimization, and Risk Management.

Identify Your Business Goals And Define Key Performance Indicators

The first step to an effective SEO strategy is identifying your business goals. This requires you to understand your current level, what you wish to attain, and the indicators to measure success as you go. Some popular KPIs are keyword ranking increases, bounce rate, leads and conversions, pages per session, page load time, crawl errors, average session duration, etc.

Perform An SEO Audit

An SEO audit will guide you through the process of optimizing your website. You have to examine your domain name, history, page headlines, keywords, topical targeting, user engagement, content quality, content organization, image quality, duplication of content, website design, click-through rate, website updates, inbound links, on-site factors, etc. For comprehensive SEO audits we suggest checking out Screaming Frog as they’ve been a popular tool for SEO professionals for many years.

Perform Keyword Research

A significant factor determining how highly you rank in search results is how relevant your website is to the user’s query. Thus, it is necessary to be prepared to be the best match for an answer. This can be done by researching keywords related to specific topics and incorporating them into your content.

Conduct Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis allows you to study your competitors to see what they are doing differently. Then, you can design your website to stand out from the others. One big thing many SEO professionals miss is the importance of having an accessible website to accommodate all audiences. Not only is this necessary for all users to take full advantage of the UI/UX experience but it’s a major SEO factor which will enhance on-page times and reduce bounce rates.

Define Your Most Valuable Page

This could be your home page, services page, etc., which attracts the most visitors. Then, you can carefully optimize this page to meet their needs. You may even want to consider running heat map software such as Hotjar to understand more about user behavior.

Ensure Top-notch User Experience

Your UI/UX design must also be optimal. Your load speed, organization, design, and mobile friendliness should effectively retain visitors to your page.

Design Your SEO Strategy to Align Your Sales Funnel

You should design your SEO strategy to guide your consumers through every step of their buyer’s journey. Every stage, from Awareness to Retention, should be designed to work with your SEO strategy.

Track, Measure, and Document Your Strategy

Keeping track of every positive or negative impact that an aspect of your strategy yields is necessary. Documenting your progress will guide you to make the necessary changes for more positive results. This is something every agency should be doing and even if you’re managing your own marketing campaigns this process is necessary to ensure success. If you’re looking to level-up your game in this department, reach out to the team at Equitable Marketing today here: https://equitablemarketing.com/