July 25, 2024

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Best PTE games on Solana

Best PTE games on Solana

Play-to-earn games, better known by the PTE and P2E abbreviations, are the newest addition to the constantly changing world of gaming. 

A massively praised and successful combination of NFTs, business, and gaming – this craze will have you earning a serious income as you play. 

What if we told you that these non-fungible tokens now give you the easily-accessible opportunity to earn money as you play, with the help of something called an NFT game

Earn money with PTE games 

While making money with the traditional concept of playing greatly differs from one of the NFT P2E games, the latter seems to be catching on with powerful momentum right now. 

The best and most common way of earning a profit with play-to-earn games is through getting yourself some NFTs in the form of different in-game characters or items. 

Keep in mind that players also get rewarded for participation in the game’s economy, as well as the time spent playing the game, as well as levels and achievements. Small heads up – the details on this part will vary depending on the game you opt-out for and its reward system.

Obtaining them will allow you to head over to your preferred marketplace, where you can subsequently sell them off or trade them for another NFT that you would like to have. At this point, you can easily convert your sales profit into real-world money. 

What is Solana and why choose this platform? 

Before running off to start with PTE games found on Solana, we want to cover what you need to know about Solana – the new and powerful rival that is challenging the big industry names. 

Widely regarded as the fastest blockchain network out there, Solana beats other competing platforms with the possibility of conducting over 50,000+ transactions per second or TPS. 

Not only this, but the general cost per transaction is incredibly low, and the platform safety stands at an admirable level. What started with the 2020 launch has quickly become one of the biggest houses for decentralized apps, otherwise known as dapps.

Best PTE games on Solana in 2022

With the Solana ecosystem boosting the popularization of play-to-earn games, you can be sure that you won’t be missing out on options. 

Here are some of the most praised and popular games on the Solana blockchain network:

  1. SolChicks 

SolChicks is a fantasy player vs. player play-to-earn NFT game on Solana. As such, it has revolutionized the gaming world, built on the concept of SolChick collectibles and equipped with intergalactic missions, battles, raids, and tense battles for home planets. 

Keep in mind that it will be necessary to purchase NFT to play the game. There are several compatible marketplaces, such as Solanart, Solsea, Solshop, and others. 

Earning is done through in-game awards, sales, and trades of in-game assets, earning SolCoins or $Chicks Tokens, as well as breeding your chick character and putting them up on a marketplace. This game is a staple not just for Solana, but for the PTE world as a whole.

  1. Cryowar 

Another popular choice on Solana, Cryowar (CWAR) is a real-time player vs. player NFT game. This multiplayer game will have you engaging in battles for territories, resources, as well as world domination.

One of the best P2E 3D experiences on the market right now, it combines crypto token awards with NFT minting and trading, as well as DAO voting. 

Remember that this game is free to play and you can play it on PC, iOS, and Android while enjoying a medieval sci-fi type of play that will have you enjoying quests for world domination after 10,000 years of peace. 

  1. Monkey League 

Have you ever considered that football and monkey characters can be paired so well as Monkey League has made it nowadays? Well, keep an open mind, as this is also one of the most popular PTE games on Solana. 

Make teams, join competitions, win, and earn yourself some rewards in this e-sport-oriented game. Oh, and keep in mind that the teams come in the size of four – goalkeeper, midfielder, defender, and striker. 

Now that you have a few choices, to begin with, identify the one that suits you the most and get in on the advantages of PTE games.