May 19, 2024

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4 Tips for Building a Career As an Author

Generations ago, writers had to invest heavily in equipment to get published. Today, the road from your first draft to the bookshelves has become shorter as new publishing tools and platforms are introduced. 

Despite the convenience, hopeful writers like yourself will still need to exert effort and spend a great deal of time to take off. Thousands of book titles are produced across a massive number of niches, so standing out becomes all the more difficult. Building a successful writing career is still possible if you only know your way around this ever-growing field. You just need to follow these essential tips:

1. Find your niche

As a writer, there could be hundreds of topics you can explore that reflect your interests. You wouldn’t want to take on subjects that are unfamiliar to you, so it’s always important to find a niche you love and stick to it. If you are into fictional love stories targeted at young adults, then you might as well look for romance plot ideas that have never been tried before. In case you are a more journalistic writer, then look for social issues that fit the non-fictional topic close to your heart.

2. Start networking

Raw talent alone isn’t enough to make a breakthrough. Even if you are the best writer in your genre, standing out will still be impossible if you don’t have people to support your career. Whether or not you’re introverted, you still need to find the courage to make friends in publishing.

Build a network of fellow writers and book publishers who will acknowledge your potential and refer you to more valuable opportunities. Start by creating a LinkedIn page and building a professional website where you can upload story samples and blog posts about the projects you are working on.

3. Build a healthy writing habit

Setting goals is one thing, but it’s getting to sit down and force yourself to write a single paragraph that has to be the greatest challenge you need to overcome. There are no shortcuts to writing a New York Times best-seller. Apart from drafting, tons of research and re-writing are required to produce a book that may catch on.

Fortunately, you can ease up the process by applying a writing schedule and having the discipline to commit to that system. For starters, pace your work by blocking out hours for uninterrupted writing. You can also set a weekly quota on the number of words or pages you write.

4. Learn to market your work

Finishing the final draft of your book and getting it published do not count as victories. It’s figuring out how to sell your book that guarantees success. Most established authors rely on their agents to do the work for them. In your case, you simply need to market your book using multiple approaches.

You can start by selling your book on social media. On Instagram, post excerpts of your book as well as the cover. You can then use Facebook to send links to a landing page where customers can get the e-book format or order a physical copy. If you want to be more direct, consider joining book fairs and other events where you can sell and talk about your titles. 

A lot goes into starting a career as a full-time author, but once you master all the essentials of becoming a successful writer, reaching the top is guaranteed.