April 16, 2024

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6 Creative Ways You Can Use Linkedin

6 Creative Ways You Can Use Linkedin

LinkedIn is still a thing. It may not be as high minded as it once set out to be, and it may have more fake accounts that real ones at this point, but as with all things, it is always the spammers who spoil it. You can use LinkedIn in creative ways, and people are still getting discovered on LinkedIn. The problem is that there are so many people on the platform that you can get lost in the crowd. Here are a few creative ways you can use LinkedIn while you wait to be discovered.

1 – Giving Yourself an Online CV

Make no mistake, if you are working towards a successful career, then having your own website filled with your achievements is a great thing to have. You can add videos of your awards and achievements, and you can link to places where you have been published and worked and such. However, if your next job is not a career-defining job, then you don’t need a website that promotes your many talents. In this case, a well thought-out CV on LinkedIn will set the right tone and gives you a link to hand out to potential employers.

2 – Recruitment Agencies Use Them

You have probably guessed it already, recruitment agencies use LinkedIn to find new clients and workers. Why post adverts and headhunt when you can pick and choose from the menu of people listed in LinkedIn? You can find executive recruitment agencies here.

3 – Harvest Other People’s CV Content

If you snoop around on other people’s profiles, you see they have written some awesome stuff. Some people are able to make walking the dog seem like a whirlwind adventure to rival Lord of the Rings. You can see what others have written, and pick, choose and harvest some of the good stuff to go onto your profile.

4 – Get Involved With Groups

Some people are able to gain a lot of benefit from LinkedIn groups, be it through general networking, gaining advice, or getting help on other online projects. It is not very everybody, but some people enjoy a fair amount of success with them.

5 – Give and Receive Endorsements

On the surface they don’t appear to have much value, but for those who give and receive them, they seem to understand their significance. As a result, there are some people (including employers) who consider endorsements to be a worthwhile thing.

6 – Develop a Digital Portfolio

Similar to point number one on this list, you can have a website and stuff it full of your work. Perhaps you build wooden tables and you have many pictures of said tables. However, setting up a website is tough, and it can seem overly expensive if you are only looking to show off your portfolio of past work. Ergo, display your portfolio on LinkedIn and not only can you hand out the link, but people may find your work of their own volition.

Go forth and link!
The advice “Make your own fun” seems apt in this case. There are plenty of things you can do with LinkedIn, but the overall point is that if you are building a career, then having a well-maintained LinkedIn account is better than not having one.