May 26, 2024

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Simple Ways to Elevate Your Relationship

Simple Ways to Elevate Your Relationship

Being in a relationship can be challenging, you bring your own issues and problems from your own family, your attachment styles, and then try to make a new family together. Often we will model a lot of how we act in a relationship on what we grew up with as a child. Depending on how the quality of your parents’ relationship was, this can be a really good thing or nothing short of a disaster. If you’re looking for some easy ways to improve your relationship, then keep reading to learn my top simple ways to elevate your relationship to the next level.

Couples therapy is a lot different to therapy by yourself. You might learn habits or ways of communicating that you have that are not benefiting your relationship. It can be a safe space to share problems or patterns that keep repeating themselves. If you’re worried about finding a great therapist, don’t worry there are plenty of options here I suggest that most couples should want to start therapy before they get married, so they can ensure that they work on any communicating issues before starting their own family. This will set you up for success in a way that may be hard to achieve otherwise.

Learn Your Love Language
There’s a great book by Gary Chapman called ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate’ which I think is essential reading for every couple who wants to elevate their relationship. Often we give the type of love we’d like to receive and while we can be generous with that type of love with our mates, if it’s not how they feel loved then it will mostly fall on deaf ears. Learning your partner’s love languages means you can better cater to their needs, ensuring they feel loved and valued.

Don’t Stop Dating
As the years fly by it can be easy to forget to date your partner. Throw in a few kids, a mortgage and a lot of life responsibilities and it can be hard to find the time let alone the money. However, dating your partner should be a priority no matter what life stage you’re in and especially if you have children. Having a healthy marriage or relationship is the most important foundation you can give your kids and yourselves.

Go on an Adventure
Remember really early on in your relationship when things were easy and spontaneous? Why not try to bring a little of that adventure back to your lives now? You can book a trip with a private jet charter toronto for something a little more special and romantic. If your budget is a little more modest, why not try a ‘Staycation’? It’s basically when you act like you’re on holiday in your own city, rent a hotel room and tick off all the main tourist things. Seeing your city through new eyes with your partner can be a great way to see them with new eyes too.

Don’t neglect your partner and your relationship. A happy, healthy relationship has a number of benefits that will flow into all areas of your life and family.