June 20, 2024

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4 Productivity Hacks You’ll Enjoy Implementing

4 Productivity Hacks You’ll Enjoy Implementing

In a world of distractions, those of us who can be more productive and more focused will quite simply thrive. I’m sure twenty years ago you wouldn’t have imagined that we’d all be walking around with mini computers in our pockets, but this is our reality. While technology has brought so many wonderful benefits to our lives, it also means we’re all constantly distracted and always available. This makes it much harder to be productive and to stay focused. If you’re looking to hone this skillset, keep reading for my top 4 productivity hacks I think you’ll enjoy implementing. 

Lean on Software
Technology can help make life easier in so many ways, so of course it makes sense to make the most of this for your business. If you have a customer focused business, why not consider implementing a CRM software to help take your customer service to the next level. Check out Hero Technical Solutions for some great options that will suit most businesses in almost all industries. You can also use other types of software such as email automation to send follow ups at scheduled times. A good crm system will have that integrated within it so be sure to look out for that.

Learn to Say No

It’s hard to be productive when you’re completely overwhelmed and there’s not enough daylight hours to get everything done. If you find every day you’re getting half as much completed as you need to, then it may also be important to start taking stuff off your plate. Continuously failing to achieve everything you set out to achieve can make you feel down and impact your productivity. Saying no to tasks that don’t fall within your job description, things that you simply don’t have time to tackle or things that don’t bring you joy, can do wonders for your energy levels and productivity. When we say no to things that don’t serve us, we’re actually saying yes to the things that do.

Make Time for Your Hobbies
You might be surprised to see hobbies make the list, but the reality is when we do the things we love, we have more energy and vitality for the things we have to do. Be sure to incorporate time for your hobbies each week. If it’s a hobby that involves getting your body moving, all the better. Sometimes when we are stressed and behind in work, we stop doing the things we love. We’re not necessarily becoming more productive, even though we do have more time to do the things we need to do. But the overall cost can be substantial, especially when you don’t start doing your hobbies again. It’s fine for a short term burst, but longer term there are a number of consequences when you cut out the things you love. You’ll notice an immediate difference to your energy, mood and productivity when you start doing them again. Do you love flying drones? Why not check out this great flight review exam to get you up to speed so you can start flying again. 

Plan Your Days in Advance
One of the biggest mistakes I made was just winging my day as I went along. It was horrible for productivity! If you plan your day in advance, you can clearly set your intentions before you get started. I think it helps me be more productive because I know what I’m expecting myself to achieve, but beyond that my subconscious is actually at work while I’m working, helping me be more efficient when I get around to the specific tasks that I’m tackling. I find when I’ve intentionally set out my goals in this way, I’m substantially more productive. I also don’t waste time trying to figure out what I’m going to do during my work hours. I prefer to plan my week tasks on Mondays when I can clearly set my goals for each day and the overall goals for the week. 

Being more productive is such a great skill set that will improve all areas of your life. Hopefully these four tips give you some suggestions for ways to be more productive that you’ll enjoy implementing as much as you’ll enjoy the positive benefits in your life.