July 24, 2024

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Air conditioning – Things you should know before buying an AC

Air conditioning – Things you should know before buying an AC

Air conditioning – Things you should know before buying an AC

Ever sat in your super-hot room in the summer thinking of how amazing it could be to be in an air-conditioned place now? With the climate being more and more extreme millions of people are facing extreme hot weather periods while others are confronted with floods or extreme cold seasons. Many houses are not built and equipped for extreme temperatures and people are sweating nights and days not knowing what to do about the enormous heat. 

There are various ways people can regulate the temperature and air quality in their houses. One of the most popular machines for that are Air conditioners. They help to keep the room, flat, or house at a certain temperature. 

But how do you know which AC is the best for your needs? How do they work and what should you consider before buying an AC? These are questions we want to answer here!

How does an AC work?

The first Air conditioner was invented in 1902 and was majorly used in all kinds of manufacturing from baked goods to wartime supplies. The modern AC´s have the same principles to cool down a room. 

An AC removes hot and humid air from a room while putting the cold fresh air indoor. A normal air conditioner uses a chemical called refrigerant that is made of 3 parts: a compressor, a condenser coil, and an evaporator coil. Through various complex processes, they can cool down the indoor air. They work very similarly to a refrigerator by transferring the heat outside to cool down the inside.

Many houses use the so-called split-system air conditioner which takes the temperature down, controls the humidity, air quality, and airflow at the same time. 

There are other systems like packaged air conditioners and ductless air conditioners that are commonly used as well.

Always check the reviews or experiences and suggestions of others. Check out Sansone AC Reviews to find out what people think about various Air conditioning systems, so you can find the best choice for your needs.

Things to keep in mind before buying an AC

There are a view aspects you should consider before buying an AC. Make sure you have the right Tonnage. Tonnage is basically the cooling capacity of the system. Choosing the right tonnage depending on the size of your room is very important. There are clear definitions of how much capacity you need for a certain size of the room.

Another important aspect is energy efficiency. Make sure that you don´t spend tons of electricity on a low-quality air conditioner. 

Compare the different systems and decide what fits you the best. Do you want a split system or a window AC? Window AC might be noisier but easier to install while split system AC´s provide a better air distribution. They are also cooling rooms faster and have high efficiency.

Always consider the aspect of air quality. Which AC provides clean air and reduces impurities. 

Check if the AC has the key components like a blower fan to distribute the air in the whole room. Does it have a proper condenser coil? Is it safe in case of fire? 

An aspect that matters as well is speed. Usually, there are various fans that ensure a quick cooling of the whole area.