September 28, 2023

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8 Unique Team Building Activities to Try to Foster Relationships

8 Unique Team Building Activities to Try to Foster Relationships

Employees are the foundation of every business. When companies can retain their workforce, they have a better chance of achieving their goals. Using techniques like team building is a great way to make employees feel comfortable working together and forming bonds. Here are eight creative ways to shape a productive team.

1. Back-to-Back Drawing

Drawing activities like this are great for improving communication. Having a partner describe an image the other coworker cannot see makes each person rely on speaking, listening, and trust to reach their common goal. It’s also fun to see which group has the most accurate outcome based on these skills.

2. Volunteering

Volunteer work is one of the easiest ways to bring people together. For one, people are uniting for a greater cause. Additionally, activities like cleaning a beach or serving food allow time and space for people to let their guards down and get to know each other.

3. Salt-and-Pepper

Similarly to the back-to-back drawing game, playing salt-and-pepper helps build communication. The game consists of common pairs like salt and pepper. As you walk around, you ask yes or no questions until you find your pair. From there, you sit out and find out at least three personal facts about your partner.

4. Whitewater Rafting

Want to combine some exercise and team building? Take your team whitewater rafting

. This activity’s success relies on the rafters communicating effectively and working together. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend time with employees outside of the workplace.

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5. Create a Handshake

Remember when you and your childhood best friends created handshakes? Creating hand gestures together builds rapport in a fun way. When each member of the group contributes a gesture, it helps everyone get to know each individual as they come together.

6. Create a Mural

Art is a self-expressive activity that also creates unity. Murals can be fun team building activities because each member can showcase their talents and still be a part of the collective. Whether you use paint or individual pictures to create a larger image, completing a company mural as a team help bring associates closer.

7. Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

Playing rock, paper, scissors is a fun activity played by many generations. Why not make it more fun by involving the entire office in a tournament? To start, divide everyone into two teams. As each member goes to compete against the opposing side, they’ll have a group of coworkers cheering them on. Whoever ends with the most winning pairs takes the victory.

8. Virtual Book Club

If your office still works remotely, why not start a book club? As a group, decide on a book to read and schedule meetings to discuss. Hearing other perspectives on the same literature can build trust.

When employees know each on a personal basis, the team morale and productivity will increase which will help your business continue to grow and thrive. Teams that establish trust are more likely to thrive. Implementing these eight fun, simple activities help raise productivity and boost relationships along with creating a healthy environment.