September 28, 2023

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8 Helpful Ideas to Help Prepare Your Pool for the Off-Season

8 Helpful Ideas to Help Prepare Your Pool for the Off-Season

Labor Day has come and gone and the cooler temperatures signal fall is here. It’s time to prepare your pool for the off-season. Properly cleaning and winterizing your pool during these fall months will help protect it from damage during freezing temperatures, and ensure it is ready for your enjoyment next summer. Here are eight ideas to help you prepare your pool for the off-season.

1. Clean and Balance the Pool Water

Before closing your swimming pool for the winter, balance the water chemistry and shock the water to remove contaminants. This is important to balance not only the pH (7.2-7.8), but also the alkaline (80-120 ppm) and calcium hardness (180-220 ppm) levels. Adding a winterizer will also prevent algae growth during the winter months.

2. Remove Debris From Nearby Landscaping

Remove fallen leaves, sticks, mulch, grass, and other debris from the yard that may have fallen into the water. This will prevent staining in your pool that can occur from decaying yard waste and other debris. Using a pool skimmer or leaf net will make this a more efficient task.

3. Lower the Water Level

Freezing water can damage the pool walls and plumbing, so it is essential that you lower the water to a level below the skimmer opening. Lowering the water level also allows room for water expansion if it freezes during the winter.

4. Drain and Blow Out the Water Lines

Just like your lawn irrigation requires winterization, your pool lines also need attention before the winter months. Properly drain and blow out the pool’s plumbing lines using an air compressor to remove water from the pipes, skimmer, and return lines. Then, cap the lines to prevent water from re-entering and causing damage that may not be noticed until next year.

5. Clean and Winterize the Equipment

Clean and disconnect the pool pump, filter, and heater. Store the pool equipment, including ladders and other accessories, indoors or in an area that is protected from the harsh winter elements.

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6. Cover the Pool with a High-Quality Cover

Cover your pool with a cover that is designed for winter use. This will keep debris out of the pool and prevent sunlight from warming up the water and causing algae growth. Make sure the cover is securely fastened to the pool with appropriate clips.

7. Monitor the Pool Cover

Check the pool cover during the off-season, looking for damage or water accumulation. Remove excess water and debris to prevent damage to the pool cover and ensure your pool remains protected all winter long.

8. Schedule Your Yearly Inspection

While the pool is not in use during the off-season, this is a great time to schedule your yearly inspection and address issues promptly. Addressing damage and ensuring winterization chemicals remain effective are important steps to ensuring your pool is ready for next summer’s pool fun.

Properly preparing your pool now for the off-season can help keep it in good condition and ready for your summer fun next year. Proper maintenance and ongoing monitoring during the winter months can save you time and money later.