June 23, 2024

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4 Reasons a Business Should Use a Video Monitoring System

The key to success in the modern economy is doing more with less. As a result, businesses rush to embrace automation and a variety of other efficiency boosters. That leads to fewer human employees overseeing more and more aspects of business operations. That new reality opens up some vulnerabilities that most companies are just beginning to grapple with.

One of the biggest of these vulnerabilities is a lack of ability to monitor what’s going on inside business facilities. That creates a variety of management, quality control, and security concerns. Fortunately, there’s an answer to those concerns. It’s called a video monitoring system, and here are four reasons businesses should use one.

1. Increased Employee Productivity

One reason that businesses should use a video monitoring system is that it leads to greater employee productivity. Research indicates that workers tend to focus more on their work when they believe managers can see them. This can lead to as much as a 7% increase in productivity. Unfortunately, smaller staff headcounts also mean fewer managers. That makes it difficult for the managers that remain to keep an eye on their charges. A video monitoring system allows managers to check in on employees from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. Improved Quality Control

A video monitoring system also offers businesses a key way to perform quality assurance tasks within their production processes. While advanced data collection and sensors provide critical insights into production processes, there’s no substitute for physically monitoring them. A video monitoring system can function as a remote set of eyes for quality control staff. Then, the business can centralize that part of the quality assurance process by allowing a single employee to monitor production in multiple locations at once.

3. It Bolsters Security

Although modern businesses rightly place significant emphasis on cybersecurity, their physical security is still important as well. If anything, businesses’ physical security concerns are increasing. In 2023, approximately 25% of businesses experienced a rise in physical security incidents. A video monitoring system can become a key component of a business’s physical security measures. It allows security personnel to keep watch over critical areas and creates a record of events that can be useful in the event of an incident.

4. It Improves the Customer Experience

Finally, for businesses that interact regularly with customers inside their facilities, a video monitoring system can meaningfully improve the customer experience. Video monitoring can yield significant insight into customer behavior that businesses can use to shape their customer service strategies. Also, video footage of customer interactions can be useful in creating training materials for sales and support staff.

Video Monitoring Has Numerous Benefits

The four benefits of video monitoring systems for businesses listed here are only the beginning. Depending on the type of work being performed and the specific line of business, individual firms may find myriad additional benefits to such systems. At the least, video monitoring systems are something that every business should evaluate as a key operational tool as they evolve their business processes further. One of the primary advantages of video monitoring is its ability to deter theft and reduce loss. Employees and customers are less likely to engage in dishonest behavior if they know they’re being watched, leading to significant savings over time.