May 27, 2024

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What Makes The IQOS Originals Duo So Popular?

As a pocket-sized device for vaping that offers a similar experience to the act of smoking, the IQOS 3 Duo is rated by smokers as giving the most authentic experience when compared to any other type of device, and you can read a full and frank review of the IQOS Originals Duo.

To find out more about why this particular vaping device is so popular, and discover more details about it in general, here is a brief description:

IQOS Originals Duo description

Comprised of two different parts, the IQOS 3 Duo has a USB charging device powered by a battery, and a stylish holder shaped like a pen, for the HEET or tobacco stick. All you need to do to activate the device, is to push the filter stick upwards and into the top of the holder until it can’t go any further, then press the button to activate it. When you do this, a small and flat element beneath it will start to heat up the compressed tobacco until it reaches a temperature of 350 degrees centigrade. Then, once the holder begins to vibrate, you can start puffing, just as you would on a regular, tobacco cigarette. 

The devices charger is 11.5 centimetres in length, with a width of 4.5 centimetres, which means that it can comfortably fit into even the tightest of trouser pockets. The holder is equally ergonomic and discreet, and at 9 centimetres by 1.5 centimetres, it has a silk-like finish that gives a great hand-feel. 

The IQOS 3 Duo and puffs

Most vapers should be able to get around 15 puffs, or six minutes’ worth of vaping, out of each HEETS stick before the element that heats it up switches off, in which case the device will sound a warning. Should this happen, simply take out the spent stick, pop the holder into the charger, and the battery will top itself back up within a matter of minutes (typically around 4). 

Each time the device has been fully topped up, you should get around 20 vaping sessions out of it, and although it does need to be cleaned regularly to ensure its smooth and continued functioning, this shouldn’t take long, and can easily be done using the cleaning buds that come with it, following every 10 sessions or so. 

Available in 3 different colours: dark grey, white and electric blue, the charging unit and the holder both come with customizable colour options. 

Why is the IQOS Originals Duo so popular?

Increasingly popular, the IQOS Originals Duo is often listed as one of the best vape brands 2023, and unlike a standard cigarette, it doesn’t burn tobacco at 800 degrees centigrade. Instead, it heats it up to a temperature of around 350 degrees centigrade, meaning that harmful toxins contained within the tobacco, such as tar and carbon monoxide, are all but eliminated. 

The system of each IQOS device uses real tobacco that has been compressed to look like a much smaller version of a cigarette, albeit minus the filter tip. While some people refer to them as tobacco sticks, while Philip Morris USA (an American tobacco company) has chosen to call them HEETS, with the capital letters mandatory!

Want to experience the IQOS Originals Duo device for yourself? Simply pop into your local vaping supplies shop or purchase one online through a reputable source.