June 19, 2024

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How To Transport Valuable Items When You Are Moving

Moving can be an extremely stressful event, whether it’s juggling boxes, utilizing trolleys (like these), or deciding on furniture placements, as people relocate for many reasons. Relocating for a new job can be covered financially by a company that provides a large amount of relocation assistance. Getting your family to the new location undoubtedly requires extensive planning. Flying kids with one parent while the other handles a moving truck is an option. Teens can be quite valuable when it comes to packing and moving when compared to younger children. Logistics are going to need to be done if moving across the country as this is far different than moving a few hours away. Others are simply moving across the city to an area that better fits their needs. Below are ways to handle the transportation of valuable items when you are moving. 

Classic Cars/Exotic Cars

Transporting a car that is one of your most valuable possessions safely is imperative.  Enclosed cargo trailers can be a great option to help ship everything that has to do with your vehicle. You are not going to want to drive your car over an arduous landscape. You also want to ensure that dust or direct that can fly up does not block filters. Take the time to look at the various transport options available as there are likely quite a few. The number of options you have will depend on your overall moving budget. 


Jewelry can be kept in a lockbox in the car that the family is driving in. If staying at a hotel of any form, you need to bring this box with you inside. You do not want thousands of dollars of jewelry that you have not insured to disappear as a thief will see a lockbox and deduce something is valuable in it. Safety deposit boxes are another option until you have settled in your new city. A safe can be a great option but moving this can be an issue. Hidden compartments in a car like that of the headrest can be perfect for those who want to keep their values safe.

TVs And Electronics

TVs and electronics should be wrapped in soft materials as you do not want anything to break. You also want to ensure you have personal laptops as logins on these pieces of equipment can allow a person with access to wipe out bank accounts. The world of digital payment has made having a personal piece of technology stolen a much bigger deal. 

Important Documents Should Be Transported With You 

Important documentation should not be put into boxes and then transported. The last thing you want is to lose these or have them stolen. The documents could include deeds and vehicle titles. Identification documents such as passports should be kept on hand at all times. Leave the most responsible person in charge of transporting the documents. You need to put a list together of what you will need to gather to make this far easier. 

Use the tips above to allow your relocation to go as smoothly as possible. There will still be hiccups but handle what is in your control rather than worrying about what is not.