September 29, 2023

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Author Spotlight: E.A. Smiroldo

E.A. Smiroldo just released her debut novel, The Silent Count, an environmental thriller book about climate change. But before we talk about the book, let’s get to know E.A. Smiroldo first!

International author E.A. Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer with a BS in engineering. She is also a singer-songwriter who has been nominated for Washington-area Music Association Award and has won prized in writing competitions sponsored by the Bethesda Literary Festival and the International Screenwriters’ Dig. After placing in the International Screenwriters’ Dig, she optioned the treatment for a screenplay with X-Ray Media.

E.A Smiroldo is a native of Washington DC, and as a resident of it, she has witnessed how politics distorts the perception of people into thinking what is good and evil. She is passionate and determined to emphasize the importance of having mutual trust with one another, and loving our peers, as well as the earth, since humanity is on the verge of a pivotal crisis.

We can see how the earth’s climate continuously changes as the years go by. Stronger typhoons were felt around the globe, and violent tornadoes were everywhere. We can even experience droughts and the abnormal manifestations of varying temperatures in different seasons. Long-term heating of the earth’s surface results in rising sea levels, resulting in stronger typhoons and hurricanes. Climate change is alarming, and we must act as early as now to preserve our habitat for the coming generations. Each can contribute in their little ways–small steps can lead to bigger ones. These messages are in The Silent Count, E.A. Smiroldo’s first novel. If you’re looking for an environmental thriller that tackles the concept of climate change, consider picking up this book!

You can check out The Silent Count on Amazon.

 For more information about E.A. Smiroldo, you can visit her website. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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