May 27, 2024

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3 Simple SEO Tips to Help Improve Your Search Results

3 Simple SEO Tips to Help Improve Your Search Results

If you have an online business, whether it’s a blog or storefront, then you know how critical search engine optimization is. When your site is properly optimized, you’re consistently getting new readers and getting your product in front of more eyes. This should result in more sales and increased income. However for many of us SEO remains a mystery – we’ve only managed to get lucky sometimes with some decent views without really knowing what made our specific posts or pages so successful. If you feel that your SEO is not quite where it should be, then keep reading these 3 simple SEO tips to help improve your search results.

1. Bring in the Professionals
If your budget allows, hiring a specialized SEO team is the best thing you can do for your business. They’ll bring years of experience and a lot of training to the table, which is hard for the average person like you or I to compete with. Google is always changing their policies and doing updates, which can make it near impossible for someone like us to keep up with. You can choose to work with a SEO company like seo toronto for the long term, or just have them help you in the beginning to set up appropriate pages on your website and to properly optimize them. 
2. Check Out Your Competitors
Thankfully there are a bunch of tools – both paid and free – that allow you to see what your competitors are doing and what they’re ranking for. You can even get estimates of how much traffic they’re getting and to which pages, which is extremely helpful for figuring out what you can improve. You can use tools such as Ahrefs or Uber Suggest to learn more about your competitors and to potentially see holes in what you’re doing.

3. Make Sure You Have a Blog

I’m a blogger, so probably more biased than most, but I feel a blog is a great way to have a platform to attract visitors via SEO. Be sure to blog about industry related things and if your site itself isn’t a blog but a platform to sell, try to answer the most frequently asked questions there. Having a blog means you have an area of your site that will be keyword dense and hopefully bring in lots of visitors. The key is to provide value, so generally for a sales-based site that would look like answering questions and providing more information about the industry you’re in, whether you’re producing a vacuum tube or something else.

Learning how to rank better in search engines can completely transform your business. Use these tips to help transform your SEO and watch the fruit of your hard work.