December 2, 2023

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3 Tips for Finding a Great Lawyer

How To Handle These 4 Types of Common Arrests

Getting arrested can be an incredibly stressful situation from being handcuffed to being booked into the county jail. After you are bailed out, you need to take action as you want to retain some form of a criminal defense lawyer. Relying on public defenders can be quite risky as they are overloaded with cases. Personal attorneys can focus on a smaller number of cases but their fees can be quite different. 

DWI Arrest

Arrests for DWI happen on a daily basis to a wide variety of people. Finding the right DWI defense attorney can be so important for your case. You do not want this charge to tarnish your record as you likely will have to explain the arrest to future employers doing a background check. First-time offenders might be offered some form of diversion program that will wipe the record of the charge. Reckless driving is a plea that some drivers accept rather than having a DWI conviction on their record. Certain licenses require there to be no alcohol in a driver’s system. You cannot drive commercial vehicles under the influence and the charges can be far more severe. 

Battery Charges

A battery can occur or you can be falsely accused of battery. If you are in a confrontation, a smartphone that is recording can help clear your name. Witnesses are important as well as they can explain to the officer responding to the scene what led up to the alleged battery. Taking the time to combat these charges with legal help is important. You might be able to be proactive with anger management courses if your temper led to the charges. Don’t contact the victim even if it is a family member as you do not want to be arrested for violating a temporary restraining order. 

Theft Accusations 

Theft accusations must be battled as this can be a huge deterrent for employers looking to hire you in the future. No business wants theft to occur as it can damage the business along with be a huge headache to deal with. Proof of conversations before the exchanging of property are always important.

Disorderly Conduct/Trespassing

Trespassing is a huge issue as some people might return to an establishment they were barred from. The truth is that banning a person usually comes from being too intoxicated. If the police were there to formally trespass the person, they could be arrested and face a fine. Disorderly conduct charges can be thrown around pretty freely by officers stating you are disturbing the public. Get a lawyer that can have these charges dropped but make sure to not visit any places you are banned from. 

Arrests happen but you are innocent until proven guilty in court. You just want to make sure an arrest does not happen again so you have to examine the events that led to your arrest. The wrong friends can play a huge role in legal trouble as there are some people that always seem to be in some part of the corrections system.