May 27, 2024

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Interview with Fraidy Monheit, CEO of Regards

1 – Why jump into a space that tons of people are already doing? It seems like promotional products companies are a dime a dozen.

Every single market that’s crowded means that there’s potential there. We looked at Promos as an opportunity to see how we can innovate and elevate the creative market

Upon seeing how large the industry is, I wondered: from this billions, isn’t it possible to get a piece of it?!

2 – What’s your why? What did you see that was lacking in the market?

We’re looking to inject Strategy into Corporate gifting. Getting the right gift is a lot more than just coming up with an idea that’s cool or trendy. 

Clients are looking at their gifting as a one off basis. Each time starting again from scratch with no thought and strategy to be able to see what works. Regards is looking to change that. 

Corporate gifting done right needs to have a marketing strategy behind it. 

3 – Tell us about pairing corporate gifts with your brand archetype

A gift is all about relationships. There’s an end goal of creating synergy with the recipients and hopefully take it to the next level. It’s also an easy way to strengthen relationships you care about.

The question that we constantly had coming up was how do I know which gift is right for me? 

The market is flooded with products, where to start? 

4 – What do you tell people when they just try to order last minute gifts? Shouldn’t gifting be thought of year round and properly planned?

Last minute gifts are painful. We need to base those gifts based on availability vs what actually fits the company’s brand. It’s almost better to give nothing vs a gift that’s not on target. 

 For this reason we have some clients that have us on retainer where we’re proactive and constantly checking in on them to hear what’s coming up next to be able to give them the full gifting experience. 

5 – What’s one piece of advice you would give to those just getting serious about corporate gifting?

Gift quality to reflect the quality of your brand. 

Gifting products they will use and enjoy is such an easy way to keep top of mind.