May 27, 2024

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Willy Hobal

Willy Hobal

Exclusive Interview with Willy Hobal, Founder of Hobal Luxury Collection

The success of luxury hotels depends on the improvement of the services. With the time there are various new technologies that come on the market that help humans to comfort their living. When a customer books a luxury hotel they want to feel the comfort of being home. Whatever they are used to, they want a similar or more advanced experience in the luxury hotel. Which is why it is necessary for Luxury hotels to be updated with the technical equipment or products so that the customers do not feel a lack of service compared to the price they pay.

Meet Willy Hobal, Founder of Hobal Luxury Collection. He is a creative, energetic leader, efficient decision-maker and committed to excellence. He is a charismatic sales and marketing professional in the hospitality industry and has proven records of consistent sales achievements.

Hello Willy, we are excited to interview you in our media. Please tell us about you and your work.

Willy: I am a lifelong learner, achieved sales and a marketing management degree from the Universidad Europa Miguel de Cervantes. I am holding the title of the distinguished Certified Meeting Specialist (CMS) and represent a Digital Marketing Specialist by Next University. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering and have served with different organizations. Furthermore I am the founder of Hobal Luxury Collection.

We understand how important it is for hotels to maintain reputation and get clients continuously. At Hobal luxury Collection we target the right guests and lead them to book the hotel without difficulties. With our active PR team we publish content that maximizes the audience reach and differentiate our clients amongst the other hotels.

In total we provide a complete solution from luxury hotels to create a thriving business.

What are the biggest challenges for luxury hotels?

Willy: As people say “ With great power it comes great responsibility”. This fits perfect in the luxury hotel industry. It is crucial for the hotel to maintain the level of comfort they provide to the guest. Customers will always have high expectations when they book the hotel. Because it is a luxury hotel and the guests pay a higher price for the service, they want to be wowed when they enter the hotel. Any small thing that doesn’t impress them can build a bad reputation for the hotel. 

It’s necessary to understand that those who want to stay at luxury hotels are often powerful people. They want protection, quick service, quality amenities and more. In case out of 100, only one customer doesn’t feel the hotel deserves appreciation for the money they have paid. It can be hard for the hotel to maintain sustainability. 

Higher customer expectation, marketing and reputation management, personalization of guest experiences are some of the biggest challenges for luxury hotels.

What is the key to success in the hospitality industry?

Willy: Customer satisfaction will always be the key to success in any industry we can think of. For this, all the team members should have the mentality of the customers first. In any case the customer is angry or having any compliance, the staff should show patience and need to find a way to assure the guest that everything is under control. 

The team/ staff should take action quickly so that the guest feels calm, safe and happy.

One of the best keys to success is to maintain the reputation of the company and to never over promise and deliver above customers expectation.

It was amazing to learn some of the luxury hotel tips from Willy Hobal. We hope reading his answers has helped you. To get additional tips or to have a luxury hospitality sales, marketing and PR company that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via his official website: