July 25, 2024

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Ashleigh Di Lello: Emotional Healing Coaching – Feature Interview

Hello, my name is Ashleigh DiLello. I am a mind coach, mother and wife. I also created Bio Emotional Healing (r) a process based on neuroscience that helps clients rewire their subconscious.

When I was 13, I was confronted with a life-threatening disease that left me with years of chronic pain, a dysfunctional metabolism, rapid weight gain and a negative relationship with food and my body. My 20-year journey and neuroscience helped me overcome my emotional, mental, and physical battles to become a professional athlete, TV and Broadway star, business owner, motivational speaker, and TV and Broadway host.

Bio Emotional Healing(r) was my first step in reclaiming my life. I now work with people around the globe who are struggling with anxiety, depression and PTSD. It can be difficult for clients to feel the way that they want, but I have learned that even the smallest changes can make a big difference.

I was so sick I couldn’t lift a finger, and needed a wheelchair to get around. My body was shaking uncontrollably and I felt so much pain. Although I felt exhausted and weak to the core of my being, I believe there is no limit to what the human body and soul can accomplish. This truth is what I live and it’s why I made it my life’s purpose to help my clients get out of feeling trapped in their bodies and minds.

How did you get the idea and what is your backstory?

At 13 years old I began to dance five hours per day. The next day, I was in pain and couldn’t move. I was so sick, I couldn’t speak or lift a finger for days. Top specialists diagnosed me with a rare viral infection. They sent me home to die. After four years of fighting for my life, I finally won and began to regain my health.

I was a top-ranked latin dancer in the United States, a finalist in 6 FOX TV shows, headlined a Broadway Show and performed and taught in more than 45 countries around the globe with Ryan, my husband.

I became an expert trainer in LA and developed my own workout/nutrition/mindset app called The New Thin that was based on approaching health from a place of self-love and not self-hate and recognizing that our bodies are our greatest gifts. My beautiful daughter Sofia was born to me after I defied all odds.

Five years ago, I had my second hip operation and everything was different again. Both my jobs were suddenly gone and I was unable to hold my child or walk. My nervous system had switched on and I was required to accept that I was now a chronic pain patient. It felt like I was experiencing deja vu as I felt the pain and dysfunction spreading throughout my body. I discovered that my childhood illness had really changed my nervous system, and that it was storing that memory. This was a major factor in how my body was responding to the pain that I was experiencing now.

With the hope of reprogramming my nervous system, I began to study neuroscience and pain science. Through constant research, personal application, and continuous study, I discovered that I needed to look within to understand how my emotional and physical traumas had altered the relationship between my body and mind. Then I had to figure out how to rewire it to live a pain-free and healthy life.

This was the catalyst for my life’s work, and the creation of Bio Emotional Healing(r). The most difficult, but rewarding experience in my life was creating and executing Bio Emotional Healing(r). It has allowed me to heal, and continue healing.

This is what brought me to my incredible work with my clients. They are now free to live the life that they always dreamed of!

After trying almost everything, including 200+ injections and 3 surgeries, acupuncture and supplements, anti-inflammatory food, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), talk therapy, and many other healing modalities, I realized there was no step-by-step method that would allow my body and mind to rewire my brain. The solution needed to be from the inside out, not the outside in. So I set out to find the right process. After many hours of research and experimentation with various techniques, I combined the science with all I had learned over more than twenty years of personal trauma.

Many revisions were made to the process and the order in which Bio Emotional Healing(r) was created. The process of working with the brain rather than against it was like baking a cake. The recipe could be followed exactly, but the cake would not turn out if the steps weren’t done in the correct order. This is especially true when working with the brain. It is a gradual process that took me a while to determine the order of these steps. After much trial and error, I settled on the 8-week process.

Describe the process involved in launching a business.

Covid caused our dance income to disappear overnight in 2020. My husband couldn’t teach lessons, so all performances were cancelled. We had to pivot in order to survive. To launch Bio Emotional Healing(r), we doubled our efforts. We spent many nights creating my website, membership portal and tools for clients.

Phase 1 of our launch was directed to our built in market (email subscribers and social media followers). We created several social media posts and emails that informed my audience about what I was up to and how they can work with me. Phase 2 consisted in booking speaking opportunities at virtual summits where I would have the ideal audience.

We were able survive 2020 thanks to both our new clients and speaking engagements. 2021 was our most successful financial year. Phase three is still in the works and will include a social media campaign that directs potential clients to my complimentary training, where they can learn about me and book a consultation with me.

What has worked to retain and attract customers since launch?

In 2021, speaking engagements will be the best way to attract new customers. Numerous podcasts have featured me, which has brought me new clients. My audience has the opportunity to hear my story and understand my work, as well as feel my passion for helping people thrive and heal in their lives.

My podcast, Body Freedom Radio has also been started. It is growing quickly.

What are your current and future prospects?

My current business is very profitable because my clients are mostly from organic sources: podcasting, social media, referrals and speaking engagements. We plan to launch an ad campaign in the second half of this year. This will require some tweaking and testing.

My goals are determined by how many people I want to help heal in a given month. I aim to double my client base by 2021.

Have you gained any valuable knowledge from starting a business?

My experience has taught me that your success in business will reflect your inner beliefs about yourself. Your business’s success is directly linked to your personal growth. You will be stronger through the inevitable ups, downs, and challenges of entrepreneurship if you are clear about your why.

Know your value and what you can do to help others. Your product or service will change the lives of your customers. Be bold. Serve, serve, then serve more.

Which platform/tools do you/your business use?

LeadPages is used for our website, landing pages, and membership portal. Clickfunnels is also used. ActiveCampaign is used for email management, as well as editing tools like Canva or Final Cut Pro to create images and videos.

Which books, podcasts, and other resources have had the greatest influence?

All I can tell you is to never stop learning. It is precious. Learn as much as you can from people who can help both your personal growth and that of your business.

Ed Mylett is a great inspiration and business coach. His podcast hosts are amazing and I would love to have them on my podcast.

Andrew Humberman (Humberman Lab), is my favorite source for all things neuroscience.

Tom Bilyeu was a great resource in my quest to pursue my passion and purpose in business.

Perry Nickelston (@stopchasingpain), is my go to source for everything related to healing and physical pain.

Amy Purdy, a dear friend, is an amazing example of resilience. Her podcast, “Bouncing Forward”, is an excellent resource.

Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets are great books for learning about online marketing and how to run an online business.

For entrepreneurs just starting out or who are looking for advice?

What drives you to do the things you love? You will fail to understand the deeper reasons behind your business’s success beyond just making an income.

Your vision is the foundation of everything. Next, create a step by step plan for execution. It is easy to get overwhelmed by too many tasks and neglect the important things that will help your business grow. Make a list of your priorities every day. You should start with the most important and work your way down.

Do you want to be hired for specific positions now?

At the moment we are not looking for anyone to join our team, but we will be hiring a virtual assistant as well as an enrollment coach. My virtual assistant will assist me in sending support emails and scheduling speaking engagements. Enrollment consultation calls will be conducted by the coach to ensure that potential clients and I are a good match.

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