May 19, 2024

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What to Look for When Choosing a Care Home

You want to get the best care, especially in later life. If extra support is needed for an older person, then you may want to start looking at what care homes have to offer. Making the decision and then finding a care home for a loved one or elderly person does not have to be a stressful process. Taking your time to weigh up care homes and what they offer will help you make an informed decision.

Types of Care Catered For

Not all care homes offer the same levels and specialist care that you may require. Some may offer palliative care, and others may offer daily care and respite. When you are choosing a care home, you need to look at what type of care is offered (and catered for). This may affect the weekly or monthly cost of care, but it will also have an impact on how much support an older person receives. If specialist care is required (but not offered or given) in a care home, then you may find the older person in care ends up feeling more withdrawn than they need to be.

Experience and Knowledge

When you have a shortlist of care homes to consider, you need to look at the experience and knowledge on offer. You want to be certain that an elderly person is always getting knowledgeable care and experience. If this is not happening, it will have an impact on how they feel and even on how they act. Asking how much knowledge and experience is available and finding out what areas staff are qualified/educated in will help you make the right choice. You do not have to compromise for untrained staff; you can get experience and knowledge, together with great care, in a great location. 

Luxury Accommodation

A care home or nursing home must be comfortable and luxurious. You want to be sure that an elderly person can settle into their new surroundings quickly and easily. There are Signature Care Homes in Camberley that you can start looking at that give you the luxury you are after. If there is no luxury and comfort present, transitioning to a care home may be more difficult, and certainly more challenging – especially if the person requiring care and support is moving from a large, comfortable family home.

Positive Reviews

Taking a look at reviews can prove insightful. You can gain a lot from reviews and see what other people have seen or experienced. When you are looking at reviews, it is important to establish which ones are truthful, honest, and informative. Some reviews can be posted dishonestly, which can paint a negative impression of a care home. With all reviews, you need to establish what you want to find out from them and then utilize them accordingly.

Staff FriendlinessStaff in care homes will be dealing with residents multiple times a day, and how they act has a big impact on the lives and well-being of others. Therefore, you want to ensure that staff are friendly and exhibiting positive behavior where possible. Staff attitudes will have an impact on the feeling and atmosphere of a care home, so take time to observe how they act and behave if you can.