July 25, 2024

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Hard Money Bankers is one of the best Hard Money lenders in Washington DC

Review: Hard Money Bankers Offers Incredible Hard Money Lending In Washington, D.C.

Hard money loans have earned a bad rap in the past thanks to predatory companies making bad faith decisions and incredibly risky loans. Businesses should always be cautious when taking private loans, but they offer incredible opportunities. 

Among the bad-faith actors, there are beacons like Hard Money Bankers, which offer professional private loans, which are convenient and easy to keep up with. We decided to take a closer look at Hard Money Bankers and see just how much their services can help businesses and individuals. We’re going to share our experience with you. 

What is a Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are pretty much your run-of-the-mill loans, usually used to finance a real estate transaction. Hard Money Bankers has an excellent reputation for helping house flippers in the real estate business.

Just like traditional loans, hard money loans offer a lump sum, backed by some kind of collateral (usually the real estate being purchased), and the loanee will pay it back over the course of about 12 months. Payment terms will vary and can be negotiated. 

Hard Money Bankers is one of the most flexible loaning companies that we have seen, which is why we recommend them so highly. 

Hard Money Loan vs. Bank Loan

So why get a hard money loan over a bank loan when financing a real estate transaction? First off, hard money loans are much easier to get than a bank loan. 

Banks can be very stingy and hard to work with, which is not always an option. As far as the loan’s exact details, hard money loans will usually have higher interest rates. This is because the loaners will be taking on more risk than a bank would. 

This inherently makes hard money loans a little riskier, but we still find Hard Money Banker’s rates to be highly reasonable, especially compared to their competition. 

Hard Money Bankers

Hard Money Bankers have a fantastic reputation with real estate moguls and brokers alike in Washington D.C. We only recommend them so highly because they are so trusted within the industry. 

Their interest rates are on the lower side, and they give honest, consistent communication. Many hard money loan companies come off as shady and distant, which is why it is so refreshing to deal with a company of real professionals. 

Property Flipping with Hard Money

Property flipping is one of the most popular forms of real estate investing. However, it can be extremely difficult to break into this industry. 

Getting a loan to flip a house can be difficult. Banks are very stingy when it comes to loaning money to investors with no history in flipping and little credit history. Starting out with a loan from Hard Money Bankers is a fantastic way to start your property flipping journey and build your credit history.


Banks are even more conservative when it comes to lending money for construction. These loans are risky for the lender because there is no property to use for collateral. 

However, loans are still necessary for construction in the real estate business, so if you cannot secure a bank loan (which is extremely difficult), then Hard Money Bankers is the best option for you. As we said before, they have very good interest rates and are one of the only professional hard money lenders in Washington, D.C.