May 19, 2024

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3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vacation

3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vacation

Many of us had to put our travel plans on hold because of the pandemic, or outright cancel plans. For that reason, there is a huge increase in travel right now. Prices have jumped up a lot, compared to what we’re used to paying for the same trips. Add in some inflation, and traveling right now is considerably more expensive than we are used to. If you’re looking to save money on your next vacation so you can head out sooner, or go for longer, keep reading to learn my top 3 tips for saving money on your next vacation.

1. Travel in the Off Season
Traveling in the off season is maybe my best travel hack because not only are flights, accommodation… everything you can think of cheaper. But there are less tourists! The off season generally has a decent range, which means you can try to plan your trip in the sweet spot which is the off season but close to the peak season – often referred to as the shoulder season! That way you should get the best of the weather, but better prices and less crowds. If you want to figure out how to make your life feel more like a vacation everyday, check out sotheby’s realty for some great properties.

2. Use Airbnbs But Watch Out
I love traveling in Airbnbs because they truly feel like a home away from home. I always pick one with a great cooking area and use this as a way to save money on at least two meals a day. That can be as simple as having breakfast ‘at home’ and packing a lunch, so you’re not spending ridiculous amounts of money on three meals out. You can then spend a little more for dinner and try something really delicious! Beyond that, you can choose a really central Airbnb so you save on transport costs. I also prefer Airbnbs that have built in washer and dryer facilities so I can take care of my own laundry – I just take a few laundry Pods along with me. In some parts of the world, Airbnbs have a ton of added fees which can add up quickly, in that case check out vacation rentals orlando to save money.

3. Consider Someone Cheaper
Sometimes spending a little more on flights can actually save you considerable money over the course of the holiday. For example, you could choose to fly to Mexico instead of domestically, and you’ll quickly see that a high end resort there is much more affordable than in the United States or Canada. Likewise, you could choose to fly to Southeast Asia or somewhere similar if you’d like to save a ton of money ‘on the ground.’ It may feel counterintuitive to spend so much more on the flights, but when you realize how much cheaper things like hotels, food and entertainment are once there, you might see that your overall holiday will be more affordable and more exotic in a cheaper country.

I hope these three times give you some fun ideas of how you can save money on your next trip and get more bang for your buck.