June 21, 2024

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How You Can Manage An Arrest So It Has Minimal Impact On Your Career

The process of being arrested can be one of the most jarring experiences that you encounter in your life. You are going to have to be bailed out unless you have been charged with a crime that allows you to bail yourself out. Beating the charges is possible in some cases as there are times when charges are dropped during the preliminary processes of a case. This can happen due to a lack of evidence due to an attorney appealing the admittance of evidence that might have been gathered illegally. Not all cases can be won via technicalities but charges can be reduced as a part of a plea deal in some cases. Below are tactics to use in order to minimize any impact an arrest might have on your future career plans. 

Hire An Experienced Attorney

Finding attorneys to handle your case should not be overly difficult. You want to opt for a firm that has experience defending your case. A diversion program might be the best result you can ask for as this can wipe the charges from your record. This is often given to first-time offenders that have clean criminal records. A plea deal might drop the charges to a less serious charge in return for things like financial restitution and community service. 

Remote Workers Have Less To Worry About

A remote worker is going to have far less to worry about after an arrest. There are some arrests that you can be bailed out the next morning and not miss worry. Scheduling time off during court dates is another way to not raise any red flags. Certain court appearances might not take long at all so you can ask for an extended break. There are some companies that only care if the work is getting completed on time and not when the work is being done. A flexible employer can make it easy to the terms of probation or to attend any type of counseling required. 

Stay Out Of Any Additional Trouble

The number of people that make their situations worse when they are out on bail is astronomical. There are some that might want to blow of some steam but it backfires. A police officer might be far more familiar with a person they have arrested in the past. Social media is another way that people have sabotaged themselves when they were in the middle of a criminal case. Posting a picture of you at a party with alcohol around after a DUI even if you are not drinking might be used by the prosecution. Keeping the percentage of convictions high is always important to the prosecutor and DA so they will exhaust various avenues to build a case. 

Be Proactive About Getting The Help You Need 

A proactive approach is going to be required to get the help you need. If you were arrested for DUI or drug possession, seeking substance abuse counseling can matter. A judge might be much more lenient if a person has dedicated themselves to sobriety. A battery charge might require anger management which would likely be a requirement to complete probation. Take the time to assess what caused your arrest and if there is an underlying problem associated.