May 27, 2024

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Why it is important how an education space looks like

Why it is important how an education space looks like

Why it is important how an education space looks like

Do you remember how your classroom looked like when you were a student?

What was in the room? Anything at the wall? What color had the ceiling

To be honest with you, I just remember the last years of school. I don´t remember much of the first years in school. I think we had a simple classroom, white walls, Benches, and Tables for the students and a big desk for the teacher. We had a blackboard and if there were some motivated teachers we made some posters about a subject and put it on the wall.

One thing I do remember is that one of the students brought a flower and put it in our classroom in the last year of school. She said: it´s for a better environment. That was probably the first time I ever thought about how our classroom looked like. 

Later when I went to university I realized how much the environment impacts my mind. When I was in my room on a clean desk with very little distraction, I was very focused and had no trouble writing an assignment or study for my exam. Being in the library I was distracted more easily because there were so many things going on around me, even everything had to be quiet. The catastrophe for me was studying in the messy kitchen of the shared flat I lived in. I was unbalanced, unable to focus and I was an expert on procrastination. Before I wrote my paper, I cleaned the whole kitchen, made a 5-course menu, and then I was too tired to do something for the university.

Now many universities have special study areas and education spaces. Mostly their design is very simple, a little futuristic, and allows having space with all functionalities that are needed. Many people say that they feel more motivated when other students around them write or study as well. 

Having a good environment matters! 

A lot of people say that they can study the best when they have a clean open room without messy boxes or full shelves. 

Having a simple empty environment does not give any opportunity for distraction. There is nothing where your mind can get caught. 

Most of the time it is very calming as well to have a proper space to study. You can focus easily and your brain works efficiently. 

Imagine you have to write a 50 pages thesis in a room where the walls are full of colorful flowers, mandalas, and geometric forms. The floor is an optic illusion and the ceiling is filled with a painting of clouds, sun, rain, rainbow, and some aliens. 

For me, hearing this makes me already going crazy. I would not be able to work properly in such an environment. It sounds stressing and confusing being caught in so many external visual influences and impressions. 

For me and for the majority of people who study, a simple, empty, and calming designed space is perfect. There are experts who can help to design and planning education spaces for any purpose. Check out lvt who offers the best flooring for learning spaces.