May 19, 2024

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Transfer: Success for Every Student

Connecting students to resources that will help guide them down the right path to graduation is an important aspect of transfer. Transferring, for many students, allows them to save money and earn the credits they need toward their degree. However, this has been found more difficult for students of color. Transfer success has been identified as an equity issue that needs to be addressed. Studies have found that white students and students who come from high-income families are twice as likely to graduate. This is in comparison to black, Hispanic, and low-income students. 

Transfer pathways focus on milestones to help ensure that no student is left behind. These milestones are created to ensure black, Hispanic, and low-income students can transfer successfully. These milestones have three main focuses for the first year of college. Their focus is completing math and English in their first year, along with completing twenty-four credits. The last milestone for the students to reach is graduating with an associate’s degree. The studies show that when students reach these milestones they are more likely to succeed. 

During this process, students who are enrolled in a transfer pathway are connected to transfer admission counselors and other resources. Having access to these resources help encourage a smooth transition to a university. Pathways focus on what the student’s needs are and how they can support them in a manner that is healthy. When students connect with their institutional community and aren’t held back they are bound to be successful.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative