May 19, 2024

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Hookah Cleaning Guide

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Hookah Cleaning Guide for Beginners

If you are a hookah enthusiast, you simply cannot deny the importance of cleaning the hookah thoroughly. It is not only a must-do to increase the longevity of your hookah set, but also because a clean hookah allows you to enjoy the pure taste of your sessions; otherwise, residues of other flavors can stay back in it, even after you’ve packed another bowl. Needless to say, this contaminates the current flavors you want to relish. Last but not the least, smoking shisha in Dubai with an unclean hookah can lead to serious health issues. The cleanliness of your hookah can make a huge difference to the quality of a smoking session. 

Before taking a deep-dive into how to clean your hookah, check out these crucial tips:

  1. Before initiating your first hookah session, you should clean the new hookah scrupulously with warm water. 
  2. Washing the glass base or any component of the hookah with dishwashing soap, detergents, etc. is a strict no-no. 
  3. Make sure you wash the hookah/base/bowl only after they are completely cooled down. 

To put it in simple terms, cleaning a shisha in Dubai involves taking care of a few things: the hose, the bottle, the hookah tongs, the bowl, the wooden box, and the stem. If you are a beginner, it might sound too complicated and challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll not find it much of a problem. We have assimilated an in-depth guide to help beginners understand how they can clean their hookah with just a few simple steps. 

Cleaning a hookah hose or mouthpiece:

It is always recommended to have a washable hose. You surely don’t want to damage a hose while trying to clean it with water! Generally, hookah hoses made of rubber or silicon are safe to wash. It is also noteworthy that silicon hoses for premium shisha online are easier to maintain, as you can simply hold them under running water until you see clean water flowing out of the house. 

When you hold the hose underwater,  make sure the side where the mouthpiece is attached should be in contact with the water. If required, you can use a brush to remove the dirt that accumulates on the inside of the hose. A baking soda solution is also highly effective if you’re looking for deep cleaning solutions. Make sure the hose is cleaned thoroughly after cleaning. It should be dried naturally, and the hose should be kept in an unfolded or vertical position. 

Cleaning a hookah stem:

The stem of the hookah, often referred to as the shaft, can be the most challenging part of the hookah to clean. This is the part where the smoke cools, and the substances in it settle on the tube’s walls. This should be cleaned only with a special long brush or with a twisted piece of cloth or rag. If your hookah can be disassembled, make sure you disassemble it. This will save you a lot of time and effort. 

Cleaning a hookah bowl:

Make sure you don’t clean or wash the bowl while it’s hot. It should be allowed to cool down completely, after which you can wash it under warm running water. You can use a metal sponge to scrape off any tobacco residue that might be left inside. A rag sponge is highly recommended for glazed bowls so as to avoid any damage on the surface. Using toothpicks is a highly effective strategy of cleaning the holes on the bowl. 

Cleaning a glass base:

This needs a lot of focus, not because you need to have a tight grip but also because there are chances of a crash if the base is wet. A combination of lukewarm water and a brush works well; you can also add some baking soda if needed. 

Cleaning Kaloud or any other Heat Management Device (HMD):

To clean it thoroughly, you should boil the HMD for five minutes. This will make the caked-on tobacco extremely easy to remove. Alternatively, you can also use a steel wool/grill brush/metal kitchen sponge to get the job done. This can effectively remove the tobacco and syrup. 

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Top Life Hacks To Clean and Wash The Hookah

  1. For persistent stains or any dirt that won’t go away easily, you should use baking soda solution. 
  2. Worried about how to deal with hardened deposits on your glass base? Add 1 glass of dry rice/buckwheat to baking soda in your glass base and warm water. Now cover with your hand and shake well for 2-3 minutes. 
  3. Adding lemon juice can be a highly beneficial step in the washing process, as the acid not only ensures effective cleaning, but also adds a fresh scent. Make sure the juice is fully rinsed. And there should be adequate drying time. 
  4. A shower can be of help as it provides a stronger water flow. 
  5. The water in the base of your hookah should be changed before each session. 

With these tips at your disposal, hookah cleaning should not be a Herculean task. What are you waiting for? Gone are the days when the very thought of cleaning your hookah used to discourage you from indulging in your favorite pastime, i.e. hookah smoking! Now you can enjoy shisha smoking to the fullest in a clean and hygienic manner, without getting cold feet about it.