April 16, 2024

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3 Tips for Finding a Great Lawyer

3 Tips for Finding a Great Lawyer

If you need a lawyer, then chances are you’re going into some legal work that needs an expert. When that happens, you’re going to want to make sure you find a great lawyer. Having a lawyer you can trust and that has ample experience will give you confidence that your needs will be best protected. Whether you’re looking for a property lawyer calgary or looking for a divorce lawyer to help you draft a separation agreement, the concept is the same: you want someone with tons of experience that you can really trust. Keep reading for my top 3 tips for finding a great lawyer:

1. Ask Around

With things like Facebook, it’s easy to ask a big group of people for suggestions. If you’re searching for a lawyer that you’re not being discreet about, then posting on Facebook asking for suggestions can be a great way to get some recommendations. However if the topic is sensitive, such as a divorce or a legal matter that you don’t want to be common knowledge, this might not be the best suggestion. Be sure to ask why your friends or family members liked their suggestions, and whether they delivered on time.

2. Do a Google Search
Some law firms have reviews online which make it easy to get a broad view of what people think of them. Be sure to pay any attention to whether there are any one or two star reviews. If there’s the occasional bad review, you can probably ignore it if it goes against the grain, but if there’s a lot of feedback saying the services received were not satisfactory, then keep on looking. It’s important that you search for the specific type of lawyer you want, and in your specific area too. You want to find someone who has ample experience with exactly what you’re dealing with so that you can rest assured that they will bring years or decades of experience to your case. Check out this website to learn more about what you should look for.

3. Pay Attention to How They Treat You
Working with lawyers isn’t a cheap affair, and if you’re going to be shelling out thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for their guidance, you want to feel like you’re actually important to them. It’s important that the legal time that you seek out is responsive to your communication, meets deadlines, and has good communication skills. You want someone representing you that connects well with you and ensures that you feel heard and understood.

Who you choose to work with for your legal needs is really important. After all, they’ll make or break the case, so you want to be sure to choose well. Use these three tips to ensure that you’re picking a legal counsel that is a good fit for you and your case.