May 26, 2024

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How Wisepath Financial Group Disrupts the Traditional Wealth Industry Mold.

The wealth industry is grappling with new challenges, such as digital transformation and shifting investor experience. In fact, a PwC survey projects that by 2027, 16% of the current asset and wealth management companies won’t make it to 2027.  

Interestingly, at such a seemingly tough time, one organization – Wisepath Financial Group – is disrupting the industry and projecting to multiply its clientele. J. Marshall Andrews, the president and founder of the organization, believes that traditional wealth management companies are losing touch with their clients because they don’t personalize their approaches to the client’s comprehensive needs. 

Instead, they often use formulas that assume everyone can follow specific strategies to help their financial success. Andrews speaks with authority as he has had stints with major financial corporations, equipping himself with enough insights to challenge the wealth industry’s status quo. 

His approach? Creative and client-centric.

J. Marshall Andrews’ Financial Background

Andrews’ journey in the financial services industry includes significant roles at two major corporations: Transamerica Agency and Wells Fargo. At the helm of his career, he was honored with multiple awards, including the Pinnacle Club Award, Platinum Achievement Award, and the Million Dollar Round Table for outstanding performance in the financial services field.

His career and accolades awarded speaks volume regarding his experience handling clients’ financial aspirations. And he gained enough understanding of the strengths and limitations of the conventional approaches used by industry giants.

He saw the gaps within the wealth industry, especially a lack of personalized, empathetic approach that he believed was essential for client financial success. As an astute businessman (he was also running multiple businesses), he could comprehend the distinct challenges faced by fellow business owners. 

All these led him to launch his organization, the Wisepath Financial Group, to help solve the gaps and needs in the wealth industry.

A Group that Cares

Marshall Andrews and the Wisepath Financial Group aim to understand the stories, aspirations, and personalized challenges each client brings. With his wealth of experience, he seeks to bridge the gap between the corporate financial world and the entrepreneurial reality with personalized, actionable financial strategies.

So, how does he do it?

Andrews works closely with his clients. The first step is to listen to their story and learn about them. What are their personal and family needs? What is stopping them (their fears)? What would they desire to achieve in the long term?

Next, he establishes actionable strategies applicable to their situation, including a total breakdown of their present financial situation and how to help salvage it, e.g., reducing costs. Everything is prepared step by step to be followed by the client. He also analyzes the obstacles that could derail the strategy.

The client now plays their role by implementing the strategy. Andrews and his group offer support by regularly checking in to review developments and see that progress is on the right track. 

In his current mission, J. Marshall Andrews and his organization, the Wisepath Financial Group, are reshaping the future of the wealth industry with a focus on to sustainable client success, solving one need at a time.  

Marshall Andrews is a Registered Representative of and offers securities through OneAmerica Securities, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor and member of FINRA, SIPC. Wisepath Financial Group is not an affiliate of OneAmerica Securities and is not a broker, dealer or Registered Investment Advisor.

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