July 24, 2024

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How to make $5,000 a month working from home

How to make $5,000 a month working from home

Let me start by saying you can make up to $5000 per month working from home.

If I can then you absolutely can!

Almost 5 years ago, I read an income report of a blogger. They were making astonishing amounts of money while traveling the world. 

Yes, they were not at home working at their 9-5 jobs. They were continuously traveling to different parts of the world and were additionally making money online.

I was fascinated by their story.

After reading that single post, I got motivated and checked out various bloggers and their ways of making money online. I was extremely curious and you must have been too.

Reading about other success is highly inspirational.

I started my blog and wrote as much content as I could. With the time passing by I tried various online platforms which will allow me to write for them. Most of them were free writing and some paid for my work.

I wrote more than 50 articles for companies and bloggers just for $5. As the time passed by my blog started to generate little money with Adsense. Which made me stop writing for other bloggers and concentrate on my own.

As I build my online reputation. I was offered $300 for writing 500 words articles. So crazy!

After that everything changed in my life.

I started to think big and tried to partner with companies which pay more money for less work.

I used the funds I had to grow my social media following and reach upto 100,000 worldwide.

While I was busy promoting my Facebook pages,I allowed contributors to write on my site.

I didn’t pay them, in exchange I shared their post on social media.

I continued this process and at the end of the year. I decided to sell the blog and got a buyer paying $5,000.  Crazy my first $5000, it was one of the exciting days for me.

After selling my first blog, I created another website and within a month I sold it for $1000.

I sold and created a new blog and earned a total = $6000.

Now I own multiple blogs and magazines including Silicon Valley Times.

I started as a writer and earned little money. I never thought I was good enough, which made me earn a little. But fortunately with a high ticket client I was able to make the money which was equal to 60 articles.

Thinking big and making it your normal is one of the essential things to earn upto $5000 per month. Now I create blogs, write articles on it and sell the site at a higher price.

This allowed me to work from any parts of the world and never wait for clients to pay me for content writing. I am my boss now.

Start today, write as much content you can and publish it. After a month, sell the website.

These easy techniques can help you to make up to $5000 a month working from home.