June 16, 2024

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How organizations are giving back in 2023

Over the last few years, we have seen organizations adapting new strategies to meet the growing demand for solidarity within communities. Smart businesses understand the modern necessity of giving back and helping those in need – but how exactly are they doing that?

In 2023, we will see growing support from businesses for their local communities as they aggressively work toward forming creative initiatives that benefit not only those they serve but also their own bottom line. Let’s review how some organizations are leveraging technology, resources, and experiences to give back in meaningful ways.

What are company giving trends in 2023? 

Volunteering. Volunteering is a great way for companies to strengthen their local communities, build morale among employees, and increase brand awareness. Companies can provide volunteer opportunities during the workday, offering paid hours for staff who would like to help with community causes. 

Additionally, companies can organize team building events such as park cleanups or fundraising walks that allow employees to volunteer together and create an even more meaningful experience. Such initiatives help demonstrate a company’s commitment to social responsibility and support the values of their customers and stakeholders.

Adopting environmentally friendly practices. Companies can adopt environmentally friendly practices through the implementation of green policies. These policies include reducing energy and water consumption, reusing materials and products in the manufacturing process, pursuing renewable-energy sources, installing carbon offsets, or investing in natural resources management. 

Companies can also reduce waste by implementing efficient recycling programs, encouraging employees to use public transportation or car-pooling, recognizing eco-friendly suppliers, or supporting sustainability initiatives within their local community. Ultimately these practices will help companies reduce their environmental impact while minimizing production costs and increasing business profitability.

Hosting community events.  Free community events give back to the community by providing a way for people to connect with others who may have similar interests or challenges. Free events also support local businesses and struggling entrepreneurs, as sales and foot traffic is increased when individuals attend such events. Ultimately, free community events are beneficial to both hosts and attendees, helping create stronger relationships between neighbors within a community while creating meaningful experiences. From free outdoor movies to free cooking classes, community events ultimately create an atmosphere of goodwill, respect, and creativity which can be used as the foundation of a strong community bond.

Going above and beyond what’s required. It’s more than just providing a great product or excellent service; companies need to show that they are dedicated to the well-being of their society and have the vision to address gaps through additional effort. Doing so sends an important signal to both employees and potential employees about the mission and values of the organization and strengthens the company’s brand identity amongst customers.

A great example can be seen in A World for Children, which provides foster and foster-to-adopt services for abused and neglected children across Texas. Their work could be limited to providing their advertised services, but they recognize that many of the children they work have never experienced simple pleasures such as a first trip outside their town, a first trip to a hotel, or a swimming pool. That’s why the offer several events through the year for their children and families, including a Christmas Party, a Summer Adventure at Fiesta Texas, siblings that were separated for placement can come back together and enjoy the day with one another.

Learning Opportunities Free tutorial videos are a great way to give back to the community because they provide an easy and cost-effective way for people to explore new technology, gain more knowledge, or build on existing skills, particularly people from all backgrounds and skill levels who may not have had access otherwise.

By offering detailed instructions on how to complete certain tasks, highly skilled professionals and students can enhance their skills or discover more in-depth information about a product, service, or potential career. For example, The Last Professional has a robust YouTube presence with several videos that offer free tips for eyelash technicians, including marketing tips, tax write-offs, specialty application tutorials, and troubleshooting advice for clients and. Businesses.

Free Resources Offering free resources allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to their customers or audience, leading them to trust the company and become more invested in the products and services they offer. Free resources also help promote brand recognition, as well as build goodwill with current customers and attract new ones, so that businesses can reach a larger market and gain a competitive advantage.  Texas Adoption Center does all these points well by offering lifelong support to birth families, including in-person or virtual support groups, online blogs, social media pages to follow, books, grief counselors, and more.  So does Recruiterie, a recruiting firm that publishes regular blogs on relevant topics such as how to find talented employees, the pros and cons of holiday hiring, and incorporating hybrid work models into companies. 

Organizations are increasingly adopting innovative approaches to philanthropy to tackle some of the major issues we face today. If your company hasn’t started the process, do so in 2023!