June 19, 2024

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How a Live Chat Agent can Save Your Company Time

How a Live Chat Agent can Save Your Company Time

Have you noticed an increase in live chat boxes on websites? There’s a valid reason for it. Companies look for new ways to reach people all the time, and chatting online is one method.

Live chat saves you and your customers time, but how? Hint: No one wants to stay on the phone for 20-30 minutes if they don’t have to.

1. No Need to Play “Phone Tag”

“Phone tag” is when you call someone, leave a message, and they call you back and leave a message. You never talk to each other. If you’ve been around long enough to remember phones that plug into walls, you can identify with this.

Even if you never had a landline phone, you still may experience the frustration of not connecting directly with someone. Having a live chat box available on your website allows you to eliminate phone tag.

Live chat agents allow you to stop playing “email tag” too. Someone can ask a question and instantly get your reply, whether it’s a live agent or a chat bot. The instant notification gets sent to the browser or a recipient’s mobile device.

2. Instant Support From Your Knowledge Base

You can program a chat bot to answer questions while you’re away. In the process, you resolve many customer issues without being present.

This also provides you a way to streamline their help category and assist them with pre-sales questions. When you’re back online, you can also respond to them while you’re available.

3. No Need to Repeat Same Answers

Sometimes, customers don’t want to spend 15 or more minutes on hold. Why should they if all they have is one question that may require only a “yes” or “no” answer from you?

Besides, some of the questions they have are ones many people have asked already. You won’t have to repeat yourself so much if you include canned responses in your live chat box.

4. Screen Sharing for Advanced Support

If you are present, you can help a client using screen sharing features. This allows you to see what your customers need help with. They also can see you if they allow it, and you can better demonstrate what your customers need to do to make a product or service work.

Screen sharing also provides you a way to view nonverbal language, such as smiles or frowns. This is especially helpful during job interview screening or personal counseling sessions.

5. Responding to Multiple People at Once

Along with automatic chat bot replies, you can help multiple customers at once. This takes place during group or individual sessions and either with you present or via a virtual assistant.

If you or all your chat agents are busy, you can also have a virtual assistant set up to reply. This may help a customer receive help while waiting, and they may not need to speak to you after all.

6. Other Customized Communication Settings

You could allow recording of voice conversations for future use. Otherwise, downloading of chat transcripts also can occur.

All of this provides access to information your customers may need again in the future. It also can assure you of quality and safety in case of threats or violence.

7. Instant Lead Capturing

It’s possible to set up your live chat agent to require an email or phone number. This instant lead capturing allows you to keep in touch with potential or current customers.

Make sure you receive permission from them to use their contact information for further communication. When they confirm permissions before chatting, you have instant leads.