July 24, 2024

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Events That Can Cripple Your Career Trajectory When Not Managed Appropriately

Building the career of your dreams is going to take resilience and a consistent effort. There are going to be times and events that can impact your career in a severe way. The last thing you want is one event to ruin years of hard work due to poor decision-making in the heat of the moment. Taking a deep breath then putting a plan together is very important. Rash decisions when it comes to your career are never the best route to take. The following are events that can cripple your career trajectory if not managed correctly. 

Getting Arrested 

Dealing with an arrest is something that needs to be done as proactively as possible. Telling your employer about your arrest is your choice. If the employee handbook does not mention anything about informing management of arrests, then you should not do it. You are innocent until proven guilty and almost no companies background check employees after they have been working there for years. Finding a criminal defense attorney can be very important as there is a chance the case could be thrown out or you are offered a generous plea deal. 

Accused Falsely Of Sexual Harassment 

Being falsely accused of anything can be a frustrating and maddening experience. A false accusation that could cost you your job or reputation is not something you should take lightly. Sexual harassment is a problem in the workplace but accusations can be used as tools to help the accuser climb the corporate ladder. While this is unfortunately true, remote work has changed the landscape of harassment. Remote work environments have all but eliminated most forms of sexual harassment. The fact that messages, emails, and virtual meetings can be recorded helps hold people accountable. 

Passed Over For A Huge Promotion

Working for years to get a promotion only to have it given to someone not as skillful can be a huge confidence killer. You need to get rid of the old thinking that companies will take care of who takes care of them. The job market is very healthy right now with so many remote roles that can allow you to work from the comfort of your couch. Constantly look for jobs and send out your resume on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. You might find that another company will appreciate your hard work and might pay far more for the same position. Injuries can impact your career trajectory as well. Not being present in the office can be the reason you were passed up for a promotion rather than the quality of your work. 

Do not let your career trajectory take a hit if you encounter any of the events above. Take time to sit down and create a plan to take your career to the next level. Do not expect everything just to fall into place because you have worked hard. You need to take control of your destiny when it comes to your career for the best results.