May 27, 2024

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Dr Jay Feldman

Dr Jay Feldman discusses Technology Importance

Dr Jay Feldman explains the importance of technology in the business & automobile and other industries

Dr Jay Feldman explains the importance of technology in the business & automobile and other industries. In industrial revolution 4.0, technological know-how is enjoying a necessary role, says Dr Jay Feldman. All industries are turning smarter with the aid of the usage of the trendy science in the laptop & networks. Mass manufacturing turns into very easy, time for output receives reduced, effectivity elevated & many more.

There is the use of technological know-how in both small and giant organizations. It is so beneficial in verbal exchange with clients, records management, and research.


Some cause indicates technological importance is so essential in business, Dr Jay Feldman mentioned. It brings state-of-the-art computers and robots, which reduce labor work with larger efficiency. So it will increase the earnings of that organization.

  • It is used to make commercial enterprises extra efficient.
  • Making enterprise properly organized.
  • All enterprise approaches are tracked nicely with the assistance of tech.
  • It helps in commercial enterprise security.
  • Transparent conversation in commercial enterprise processes.

Importance of Technology in the Automobile Industry

At the beginning of the century, there was nothing like a vehicle. Human beings make use of their legs to travel wherever they want to go. As time passes advancements in technology such as the wheel has led to a reduction in transportation, says Dr Jay Feldman.

In the nineteenth century, the cycle is the first preference of transportation. But after the invention of the bicycle, human beings started with its usage. So many new modern applied sciences in the vehicle made it very protective to travel.

In the current years use of Electric vehicles. The technological importance is growing very fast. The facets inner this automobile are very advanced.

Strength source

Dr Jay Feldman makes use of superior batteries as a strength source. These batteries can remain for a lengthy time and offers desirable efficiency.

The driverless automobile is a fine instance of superior technology. Google, Tesla, and different groups are working on the most improved and secure driverless car.

These vehicles will be a nice instance of superior science and will turn out to be the future of transportation.

Entertainment Industry

There is an equal hand of science in enjoyment too. It brings the amusement enterprise to the subsequent level.

From Old TVs to today’s LED TVs to Smart TVs, from small video games to the contemporary AI PlayStation. There is improvisation in tech that brings the amusement enterprise extra advanced.

Dr Jay Feldman

Watching films in theaters to gazing at the equal film on OTT structures is solely occurring with the assistance of technology. OTT platform is additionally the evolution of technology, which will shop cash with identical entertainment.

On the OTT platform, everybody can watch any net content material anytime, and anywhere. OTT structures like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar Disney, and MX participants are surveying nice content material to the world. These are increasing technological importance.

These are pleasant instances of development in the amusement enterprise due to technology.

Importance of Technology in the Medical discipline

There is no doubt that technological importance is unexpectedly developing in the scientific discipline also. The evolution of tech is from the invention of x-ray to superior Robots that can function in difficult surgeries.

For the previous 200 years, tech helps to keep the lifestyles of patients. It offers extra healthful lifestyles to human beings all over the world.

Technology offers electronically based all records of patients. These records assist to diagnose sufferers immediately via taking care of the patient.

Fitness units in the clinical subject can sing our coronary heart bit and oxygen stage for a healthy life. There is some computing device that can properly treat the affected person in contrast to the actual surgical operation manner using doctors.

Importance of Technology in war and explosive weapons

The period tech modified the way of everything, from our historic bow & arrow to the modern snipers. This alternate is gradual however did a necessary influence on human beings.

Now the applied sciences in the protection area turning into greater advances. Most nations are creating greater superior weapons, robots & protection structures to shield their human beings & borders from overseas attacks.

They are attempting to decrease the use of human beings as a defender. Guided missiles are today’s grooming science that got here ahead in the remaining few years. These missiles are guided with superior laser tech & can discover their goal to assault them. They have pinpoint accuracy.


Countries like the USA, Russia, France, the UK, Israel, India & China have these types of missiles. They are working on the extra superior tech of guided missiles.

Computer science, Networking & superior electronic gadget are the backbones of ultra-modern technology.


All this indicates the significance of technological know-how in a range of fields. It will lead to healthy, secure, and environment-friendly lifestyles for human beings. These are the above fields displaying why science is necessary for the lifestyles of human beings.