July 13, 2024

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AI’s Increased Capability in Intelligent Document Processing

Technology continues to advance year after year, slowly becoming more prevalent and impactful. In the past this was through mechanical machines with physical moving parts, today it’s through digital software. AI is the modern leader of technological advancement and software today, it’s the next step in countless industries. 

Some industries, like social media and internet search engines, have been using algorithmic AI for years. Others though are just finding uses for AI as it advances. One of the most prominent areas of advancement in AI is that of organizational AI. There is more data now than there ever has been, and humans cannot competently parse  alone anymore.

AI offers the unique power of combing through tons of data across formats, languages, and file types. Modern AI also has the more novel power of producing more human-like conclusions. AI can not only analyze the data, it can also use the data to predict trends or future behavior.

Conceptually, the whole basis of AI is a machine that can learn. Although it’s becoming more and more common that this means learning to create. ChatGPT and image creation AI software is just the beginning. The industry is exploding with more money being put into it than ever. Currently, most of the advancements in AI are just extensions of what already exists. Yet AI is rapidly expanding what it does and keeping an eye out is the only way to stay updated.

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