June 16, 2024

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7 Major Benefits of Making Clothes Out of Sun-Protective Fabric

7 Major Benefits of Making Clothes Out of Sun-Protective Fabric

The risk of skin cancer from extended sun exposure on the skin has become well known. Most of us remember our parents rubbing sunscreen on our skin and have done the same for ourselves and our children. However, there are many reasons to consider making clothing with sun-protective fabric in conjunction with or as an alternative to sunscreen.

1- Sensitive Skin

Sunscreen, and other oily lotions, are not ideal for all skin types. Sunscreen can clog pores and cause acne. Keeping sun-protective clothing on hand can help cover areas, such as your back shoulders, to avoid unattractive “back-ne” from developing. This also avoids rare, but no less uncomfortable, allergic reactions that some people may have to sunscreen.

2- Avoid Chemicals

While experts agree that the risks of frequent sunburn outweigh the potential risk of health issues caused by sunscreen, nevertheless many people are seeking to minimize the number of chemicals they expose themselves to. Sun-protective fabric is a healthier choice for those who do not want to rub chemicals onto their skin.

3- Comfort

Making your own sun-protective clothes results in much greater comfort than the alternatives. People who sew their own clothing can tailor the size, shape, and fit to their unique bodies. In addition, by protecting with fabric rather than sunscreen, you will avoid that uncomfortable slimy, sticky, and oily sun lotion skin!

4- Cost Saving

Making your own clothes often results in much higher quality clothing for a lower cost than what you buy ready-made off the rack – especially when you have a family to clothe. In addition, the sun-protective clothing that you make with care can be used over and over again, whereas sunscreen needs to continuously be purchased again and again. Even if you use sunscreen on hands, face, and feet, that bottle will go so much further by covering most of the body with sun-protective fabric.

5- No Unpleasant Odor

Many sunscreens carry unpleasant odors that can be bothersome to children with autism or people with high sensory sensitivity. In addition, these odors can sometimes function as attractants to irritating summer insects such as mosquitos and gnats. By wearing sun-protective clothing, the only odor will be from the laundry detergent or perfume that you choose to use.

6- Modesty

Some people prefer to cover their bodies in public for reasons of modesty. Whether for religious reasons, privacy concerns, or sometimes to cover up medical scars, many people want to be active in the sun without their skin on display. Making your own clothing with sun-protective fabric is a great option to enjoy the summer while keeping parts of your body covered.

7- Cancer Prevention

It goes without saying that the prevention of cancer is the greatest reason to avoid skin damage from the sun. As stated, experts advise that wearing sunscreen is much safer than getting too much sun exposure. However, as time goes on, more and more household chemicals are found to be correlated with developing various types of cancer or other health concerns. Utilizing sun-protective fabric to make your own lightweight summer clothing allows you to use significantly less sunscreen without compromising its protective benefits.