June 20, 2024

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5 Affordable Ways for a Small Business to Give Promo Products

5 Affordable Ways for a Small Business to Give Promo Products

For all the attention that business owners and brand managers pay to Internet marketing these days, there is an established strategy that many tend to overlook: Branded promotional items that prospects and customers will want to keep and use. This old-school marketing tactic can win over target audiences when it is thoughtfully planned and executed; plus, it can adjust to many budgets. With this in mind, here are five affordable promotional product strategies for you to explore.

1- Include Tech Accessories With Your Packages

Smartphone wallets, laptop cases, USB flash drives on keychains, and even mousepads are items commonly given away at trade shows, expos, and conferences, but their small and lightweight form factor also makes them ideal to include as part of an e-commerce parcel. Sourcing these products directly from manufacturers in Asia can go a long way in terms of keeping your costs low.

2- Bring T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Polo Shirts to Your Next Trade Show

American brands have been giving away promotional t-shirts since the 1950s; since then, printing slogans and logos on t-shirts for advertising and branding has been an established marketing strategy. You don’t have to stick with just t-shirts; expanding your brand to polo shirts and hoodies is more affordable than many people think. The key is to select a printing partner that waives setup fees and provides design assistance for free. Similar to tech accessories, distribution of these items is better at trade shows and expos.

3- Place Bowls of Snacks and Candy Around Your Store or Office

Here’s another promotional product strategy that is ruefully overlooked despite its effectiveness. You can think of these items as bite-sized brand ambassadors that you can place in a glass bowl in the lobby or cash register area. The branding goes right on the product wrapping, and it does not cost much at all if you work with ready-to-print items. To get fancier with this tactic, you can look for B2B partners that offer gourmet snacks and creative packaging; even though it will cost more, it will still be lower than most of the items listed herein.

4- Offer Tote Bags at Checkout

The explosion of these products in recent years is related to changes in shopping behavior. Member of the Millennial Generation are the most receptive to tote bags because they are in the cohort that prefers to use reusable bags for their grocery runs. If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, branded tote bags can be sold for a nominal price to recoup some of your costs, or you can offer them near point-of-sale stations. Tote bags can go everywhere, so they get maximum brand visibility.

5- Drinkware and Kitchenware Gifts After Meals

Don’t settle for the old and tired ink pens and sticky notes as promotional products. Getting your brand into the kitchens of your prospects and customers is a great promotional strategy that can be cost-effective with the right products. Wine glasses and water bottles are popular, but you can extend your line with other items such as wooden spatulas and cutting boards. Similar to refrigerator magnets, drinkware, and kitchenware get plenty of mileage in terms of brand visibility. These items are better for restaurants, bars, and cafes because servers can present them as gifts upon payment.

While focusing on the selection and distribution of promotional products, it’s essential not to overlook the logistics of delivery. Partnering with cost-effective shipping services can streamline the process of getting your promotional items into the hands of your target audience. By leveraging affordable shipping options, such as flat-rate shipping or discounted rates for small businesses, you can ensure timely delivery without breaking the bank. Additionally, consider exploring fulfillment centers or dropshipping services to further optimize your shipping process and reduce overhead costs.

Integrating budget-friendly shipping services into your promotional product strategy not only enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring prompt delivery but also contributes to overall cost-effectiveness, allowing you to maximize your marketing budget efficiently.