February 28, 2024

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21 Facts About Pascal Bachmann

When it comes to health, both enterprises and individuals usually call on one man for advice: Pascal Bachmann.

For quite a few years now, Pascal has also been a much sought-after consultant in business and strategic matters worldwide. But it wasn’t always this way. The successful entrepreneur and former professional athlete started his career as a butcher.

His expertise comes from his childhood, which was very challenging at times. After years in an orphanage, he went back to live with his mother. Due to abuse, he decided to go his own way at the age of 16. He moved out of his home, was homeless for a while, lived without money in Thailand, and still made it.

Instead of being judgmental and drowning in self-pity, Pascal used his turbulent life as motivation to help others. Three decades later, he is an example of how anyone can break free regardless of their past, find the opportunity to do what they really love, and succeed.

After a unique and exciting life story, a difficult childhood, and many ups and downs, Pascal today draws on invaluable life experience: 25 years of entrepreneurship, 7 companies founded, and experience in various areas of business.

Pascal Bachmann is an inspiring man with a heart-warming journey through a terrible childhood that probably shaped him into who he is today.

At the moment, he is writing a book that should inspire and teach people to take responsibility instead of giving up, waiting, and finally nailing it.

“We can achieve our own happiness by producing it,” says Bachmann. There are many things that everyone knows about Pascal Bachmann, but also many things that you probably didn’t know yet.

So, here are 21 things you probably don’t know about Pascal Bachmann:

  1. He is a writer

For over 20 years, Pascal Bachmann has been promoting various health concepts that he not only lives by himself but also incorporates into his companies. His articles and findings have been published in hundreds of blog posts. He has written 2 books in German and is currently writing a trilogy in English. Two of the three books will be published in 2023. Book 1 of the trilogy is about the irresponsibility of today’s society. Book 2 answers the question, “Can you have it all?” In Book 3, Pascal proves that it is possible to have it all and provides a specific guide on how to achieve happiness, health, success, harmony, and wealth in all areas of life.

  1. He is a speaker

Pascal Bachmann is an international top speaker and received an Excellence Award from Hermann Scherer in 2019. Topics like “Health & Wealth – How To Have it All,” “Irresponsible Society – What You Can Do Today To Be Different,” “How To Create A Business That Fulfills,” or “How to become the Number 1 authority in your niche” are essential topics in both corporate and personal areas of life. This is precisely what he talks about, in addition to self-motivation and the potential power that lies within each of us. Another fact is that since the demand is extremely high, Pascal has been fully booked for 2023 since 2021.

  1. He is the founder of LivingLife.

When Pascal Bachmann summarized his experiences from professional sports, medicine, and nutrition science in 2009, he created the concept of LivingLife. A few years later, he chose Switzerland as a test market for the implementation of his concept. After only 18 months, there were already 13 branches where he helped more than 20,000 people live better, healthier, and happier lives. This was also a success from an entrepreneurial point of view since, during this short period, he achieved remarkable success.

  1. He founded BodyAndMindTransformation

BodyAndMindTransformation is the summary of more than 25 years of knowledge and practical experience of Pascal Bachmann and is now available online worldwide – but by invitation only! It contains various health programs for sustainable fitness, the basics of healthy nutrition, and happiness in all areas of life that Pascal himself lives by. Over the years, Pascal studied, analyzed, and tested almost every nutritional concept and diet ever presented to the world. He has narrowed the results down to 20 key diets or lifestyle changes based on his own experiences and a thorough analysis of scientific studies.

Then he made a bold decision to test these ideas on his body. His research and theoretical knowledge needed to be tested in practice. He took every promising candidate for principles related to health improvement and adopted them as his way of living for the next 8 months. He needed to know exactly what effect his ideas would have on his body, so he skipped short trials or easy crash diets in favor of thorough 8-month testing. He kept a diary and thorough documentation of the results.

All these trials helped him build up in-depth knowledge not only of how different diets and lifestyle changes affect the body from a theoretical standpoint but also of how all these changes make you feel. He narrowed these 20 core principles further down to just 3 different principles that cover the vast majority of people. Each of the three principles lays the foundation of a diet and lifestyle recommendation, one of which suits virtually anyone based on their starting point – their body type, fitness level, lifestyle, and goals.

  1. He is a marketing expert and the founder of StratagyAchievers LLC.

Through his business activities, Pascal Bachmann quickly learned what entrepreneurs must be able to do to become successful. He believes that a clear marketing strategy is the most important thing. While everyone talks about USPs, he concentrates on sales. The success of his own companies, as well as many other successful entrepreneurs, has confirmed his approach.

In 2017, he founded his company StratagyAchievers LLC. In close cooperation with entrepreneurs, he develops tailored marketing strategies designed for long-term success. In addition to classical marketing measures, he uses unconventional measures that sometimes require a high degree of creativity. His approach has helped numerous companies establish themselves in the market and achieve significant sales growth.

  1. He was in an orphanage.

Pascal Bachmann spent several years in an orphanage as a child. The years he spent there were when he developed most of his limiting beliefs and experienced negative emotions. In retrospect, he finds this time very instructive because he began to work on himself based on these experiences and thus immersed himself in a world that made him who he is today.

  1. He left home at 16

Pascal Bachmann ran away from home at the age of 16 after an argument and multiple cases of abuse from his mother. He packed his things overnight and left. The teenager worked as a butcher, a grinder, a seller of household appliances, and also sold ads in the phone books and did many other occasional jobs.

He realized early that the employment relationship was not for him. For this reason, at the age of 19, he decided to move to Thailand, where he earned his living by fighting. After a motorcycle accident that almost cost him his leg, he has been recovering and learning TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in a Chinese hospital, which led him to independence. This opened different opportunities for him and was the start of his inspiring future.

  1. He is a Taekwondo master.

On October 31, 1991, at the age of 16, Pascal Bachmann registered for Taekwondo training. Since 1995, he has held a black belt.

Every day, he went to Taekwondo training, where he was trained to be a passionate martial artist. But he learned much more than just the techniques and tactics of the sport. He learned discipline, which he needed to calm down his chaotic life. He learned to respect himself and others. Many of his problems were rooted in the lack of respect for himself and trying to hide this by seeking negative external recognition.

Part of the training was taking care of and respecting his body and health, something he had never given much thought to before.

Pascal was a sports fanatic and trained every day. He found something that gave him a purpose and made him feel that he was worthy of something more. He did well in different tournaments and finally qualified for the World Cup.

With the help of sports, he became a different person. In the following years, he learned various martial arts. The attention and care for the body in these disciplines led him to take an interest in other ways of taking care of his body. He discovered the Asian therapeutic techniques that have led to the path he is on today, helping others improve their health and change their lives for the better.

  1. He thinks positively and is an optimist.

According to friends and acquaintances, Pascal Bachmann is very positive and always optimistic. He sees no problems but challenges that need to be overcome with the right attitude and strategy.

When asked how he does it, Pascal answers: ‘I have trained myself for that. It is easier to take the easy way and moan in every situation. Once you have realized that every situation is the consequence of an action that somebody has taken at some point somewhere, you also realize that every consequence or every problem, as many would call it, needs nothing more than a new action, i.e., a decision. I can control this decision and thus interrupt the cycle or even change it for the better.‘

Of course, it helps if you see problems as challenges, look for solutions, and then work out the possibilities and strategies to successfully deal with the situation.

  1. He believes in God

At the age of 16, Pascal Bachmann left the church. The way he got to know God in school was questionable and dubious for him.

When 5 years later, the need to really understand God came up, and he went to an international church for a few years. He wanted to understand the context, studied the Bible, and met with the pastor every week to discuss the questions that arose.

This is how the realization that God is love came about – a groundbreaking force creator in all life situations. The rest is up to us.

  1. He’s Spiritual

For Pascal Bachmann, spirituality is not something you practice for an hour a day or once a week. It is an attitude that one takes and lives daily.

Spirituality also means facing the big questions of life and developing oneself further. Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my purpose in life? How can I grow beyond myself, develop my full potential and become the best version of myself?

For Pascal, spirituality means coming into contact with a deeper dimension of being in the first place. The word comes from the Latin “spiritus”, which means breath, life, soul, sense, spirit, and self-awareness. Spirituality describes our relationship to the spiritual world, the formless, transcendent, divine, infinite, and deeper dimension of existence, or whatever we want to call it.

Spirituality helps us understand our life better, our life mission, our goals, and above all – ourselves. The best thing about it: we find all the answers within ourselves. We don’t have to look for them somewhere out there and hope that we will find them one day or that someone will let us in on the secrets of life because we already know it all. Through access to the spiritual, the formless, and a deeper dimension, we can gain access to this knowledge and be able to give and serve, says Bachmann.

  1. He has morning rituals.

According to Pascal Bachmann, rituals are a fundamental part of his life. He trains his memory and reads a lot because he wants to absorb more information faster.

His day begins at 4:00 am and starts with gratitude. Then he goes to the gym five times a week, followed by morning meditation and reading-and-learning time before he starts working.

Pascal reads daily, and five days a week, he continues his education in various areas, such as personal development, memory training, speed reading, or marketing and sales.

  1. He meditates

Pascal Bachmann finds his balance in meditation, to live in the moment, to be in the here and now. In this way, he not only finds balance in his life but also creates his future, his reality.

Pascal is convinced that we all have the opportunity to create our own future, not by just “talking” but by producing it. If we manage to get into the right frequency, we become a magnet for our goals and wishes.

When we are in this state, we always do the right thing. Then it is not only about what we want, but rather about being, loving, and accepting gratitude.

  1. He educates himself, and it’s up to him.

Pascal Bachmann is hungry for knowledge. He is convinced that we live in the age of knowledge.

He says, “It has never been so easy to come by knowledge. Anyone who knows a lot nowadays and knows how to retrieve their knowledge and apply what they have learned in everyday life will gain a significant advantage today and in the future.”

  1. He has mentors

Pascal Bachmann learned early on that it’s not always about doing everything alone. There are people who have already achieved what you want to achieve – people who know the way and would like to share it with you.

His mentors support him in his personal and professional development and wish him success. Pascal has various mentors who accompany him on his life’s journey, advising and supporting him.

  1. He lives by a strict agenda.

Pascal Bachmann plans almost everything, and his agenda is full, which he sticks to.

His day begins at 4:00 am and has been the same for years:

4:00 AM: Get up with gratitude

4:30 AM: Gym

6:30 AM: Cold shower

7:15 AM: Meditation

7:30 AM: Reading, ID, Mission, Vision Statement, Mind movie

8:00 AM: Online Course / Daily Performance Tracker

9:00 AM: Daily Team Huddle

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM: FOCUS time at work

4:00 PM: Answer LinkedIn / Email Zero Inbox / Daily Performance Tracker

4:30 PM: Breaking fast with fresh green juices or a smoothie

5:00 PM: Prep food & Eat together with my wonderful wife

6:00 PM: 30-minute walk

6:30 PM: Review ID, Mission, and Vision Statement

7:00 PM: Read of Choice (Ram Das)

7:30 PM: Meditation

8:00 PM: Be in bed / Gratitude / Affirmation

Every year, he creates a new agenda for himself, which he fills out thoroughly. For Pascal, it is essential to cover all areas of life and leave nothing out. “Good planning is half the battle,” says Bachmann.

Therefore, he takes into account and maintains weekly the different areas of life: Health, Spirituality, Personal Development, Free Time, Relationships, Career, and Finance.

  1. Pascal lives his passion.

In an interview, he stated, “I haven’t worked for over 25 years now. Every day, I do what I love – talk about what I do best and what I enjoy doing, which doesn’t feel like work, but rather like my hobby.”

Passion is evident in Pascal when he enters a room, whether on a stage as a speaker, in a conversation, or in his projects. Pascal is calm, focused, has an extreme focus, and is always very helpful, kind, and attentive.

For him, the fun of the project always has priority. It is about creating value and igniting the initial spark for further positive development.

  1. He does not drink coffee.

During one of his many diets, Pascal Bachmann decided to quit drinking coffee entirely. He didn’t want to consume any more stimulants for an energy boost.

Instead, he developed strict habits regarding diet, exercise, stress management, and his approach to work. Pascal believes that a balanced diet focused on green vegetables and preferably plant-based foods keep his energy level high. He avoids caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, or recreational drugs because he believes that all these substances affect his focus.

  1. Pascal fasts

He considers fasting a purification of the body and mind. When he fasts, he does it correctly, between 40 and 50 days, drinking only water and herbal tea. This extreme form is well thought out and planned, and he only does it every two years. However, he almost always fasts intermittently, meaning that he doesn’t eat for 18 hours and then takes his food within a six-hour window.

  1. He lost a $15 million contract and went bankrupt.

After Pascal Bachmann and a team had established a US-American company in Switzerland, he developed his concept for Europe, with over 50 branches planned.

After intensive preparations, the promising concept was ready to go. However, fate had other plans, and the main investor died the day before the contract was signed, leading to bankruptcy.

After losing the $15 million project and staring at himself as he filled out bankruptcy papers (a true out-of-body experience for him), he could have given up. He could have thrown in the towel. But he didn’t; he turned the whole thing around. Once again…

  1. Getting Social in 2023

Although Pascal Bachmann is an experienced online marketer, he distanced himself from social media for years due to personal reasons, says Bachmann.

Only in 2021 did he begin to market his personal brand, services, and products that he has created via social media.

We are curious to see how things will continue and are looking forward to inspiring posts and a lot of valuable content.