May 27, 2024

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The Backstory of Oracle Card Psychic Readings

The Backstory of Oracle Card Psychic Readings

Oracle cards inspired by cartomancy practiced by the famous fortune teller Marie Anne Adelaide Le Normand rose to prominence in the 19th century. These cards differ from traditional tarot decks, and many decks feature spiritual or religious symbolism. Find out more about what you can learn through oracle card psychic readings and how readings with oracle cards differ from tarot card readings.

Spiritual Impressions

Oracle cards often depict angels or other religious figures. Like tarot cards, the original oracle cards were based on playing cards. Le Normand used a pack of 32 French Piquet cards with suits of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades and a 36-card German deck. Although oracle cards branded with Le Normand’s name were not released until 1845, two years after her death, these decks are based on the cards she used for divination. 

The original LeNormand deck consisted of 52 cards resembling an ordinary playing card deck with additional male and female significators to represent querents. A German deck of 36 cards released in 1846 maintained the French suits and added symbolic icons to each card. These cards have evocative icons akin to the designs of cards in decks used for tarot card readings. Today, decks of oracle cards can contain almost any number of cards, though cards based on the LeNormand deck tend to have 36 cards.

Deeper Understanding of the Real You

Oracle cards allow for more flexible interpretations of the future guided by the theme of the deck. Religious believers may gain more meaningful understanding about queries from readings that use oracle cards that depict parables or stories from a particular faith. Getting a reading based on cards that are meaningful to you can be especially important for real psychic readings to find a missing person or other high-stakes inquiries.

You can ask readers which type of oracle cards they use for readings. Some styles of oracle cards may resonate more with your background and beliefs than others. In addition to different card themes and designs, the meaning or system of these decks can also vary. Oracle card readings can provide insight through single card draws or spreads that correspond to the design and intended use of the deck.

Oracle Cards Versus Tarot Cards

Oracle cards refer to different themes than tarot cards. The cycle of the major arcana in tarot invokes occult traditions, while the minor arcana draws on the historical origins of cartomancy in decks of playing cards. Conventional tarot decks have 78 cards, including 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana or pip cards. 

A deck of oracle cards may have any number of cards. Oracle cards feature unique themes and designs that differ from tarot iconography and often represent spiritual concepts or religious figures. Some psychics specialize in the use of oracle cards. It can be helpful to determine which decks a reader prefers to use to select the best psychic for an oracle card reading. Symbolic cards that correspond to your beliefs can provide more meaningful readings. They can vary greatly in their themes, imagery, and interpretations.