July 24, 2024

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Running Naked in Dubai: Secrets to Becoming a Better Business Partner – by J.D. Welter

Every organization—whether a large corporation, a medium-sized firm, a small company, or a start-up—needs clear policies and standards and a method for effectively communicating those policies and standards to its employees. J.D. Welter’s new book, Running Naked in Dubai, is an excellent resource for businesses to be able to accomplish this vital aspect of business management. 

Who is J.D. Welter?

J.D. Welter is an experienced business expert and keynote speaker who has worked in various local and worldwide business units for more than 30 years. He is known for his skill and success in the business world. His jobs have included strategic leadership experience in expansion and post-acquisition integration, and those experiences have been gained throughout the course of his career. He has experience working with companies with annual revenues ranging from one million to 12.6 billion dollars.

Welter has a wealth of expertise working with domestic and international business divisions, including unionized, non-unionized, privately held, and publicly traded businesses. He has been an active participant in aiding enterprises in the areas of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. In addition, he has experience working for companies that specialize in the production of consumer packaged goods, government services, aerospace and defense, tier I automotive, and machine tool manufacturing. These are merely a few of the fields that Welter has previously worked in during his career.

The Big Idea

Today, there is a demand for HR professionals to adopt a mentality that includes results-driven policies. This is just one of the new ways of working that have been implemented in modern businesses. In theory, something like that can appear to be incomprehensibly vague. In reality, though, it comes down to analyzing a procedure, determining why it works or doesn’t, and then locating an approach that is more effective for carrying out that procedure. That, in a nutshell, is the basic message that is the foundation of this book.

Throughout the course of his work, Welter has committed a large portion of his time to attaining success by making use of an individualized strategy for evaluation. In addition to this, he has built solutions that are capable of transforming strategic goals into activities that are both actionable and sustainable.

Why it Works

Looking back on his career experience of more than 30 years, Welter realized that he had been successful because he developed the capacity to become a good problem solver while utilizing basic principles that are grounded in common sense to engage and encourage his colleagues. 

Considering all of his experiences and opportunities for professional development, he found that the one thing that unites them all is that he can evaluate a predicament and pinpoint a course of action to take next. The further up in the organization you go, the more weight is placed on what you may believe to be excellent common sense. One common theme all organizations have is a need to solve organizational problems. In each scenario, there is unavoidably a component of organizational change associated with the process of problem-solving. Welter is an expert and finding and resolving these issues. 

In his book, Welter explains exactly how to do this. This is definitely a must-read for anyone who happens to be a seasoned HR professional, a project manager, or a person responsible for giving leaders and staff success strategies and who wants to do a good job at offering those strategies. In his book, Welter demonstrates how it is possible to provide outcomes in a way that will keep your employees engaged, motivated, and even humming with enthusiasm.